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I can Bailey believe it – update on Overclockers

Posted by Roguey on Friday 22nd April, 2016 | Comment 0 comments

During the past week or two, you may I read about the troubles I had with my Zotac 980Ti AMP, if not seen it, look here – no need to repost. At the end of the situation I felt I had to take matters into my own hands, which I knew might void the warranty - something I didn’t want to do (but felt I had little choice). So I left a pretty bad review for, thinking that was that.

After doing so, James Bailey (the Returns Manager) contacted me and wanted to sort the problem out – he wasn't happy seeing my low review. It's not something I wanted to do either - I would much prefer to post when a company does sometimes good. I don't normally post reviews, as feel you only get to know what a company is like after something has gone wrong.

We spoke on the phone – the guy was very understanding and helpful. I understand problems do creep up no matter what you do, so I am kind-of understanding person myself. After a couple of days, the old card had gone back and a new replacement was being sent. He allowed me to swap from Zotac, to an EVGA card. I had lost my confidence with Zotac due to the poorly written emails, and bad thermal paste application I saw.

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So now I have a new card; [b]GeForce GTX 980Ti Superclocked ... Read more

Stay away from Zotac cards

Posted by Roguey on Saturday 9th April, 2016 | Comment 2 comments

Awhile back, you may have seen that I brought a new Zotac 980 Ti Amp. Before purchasing the card I did a lot of research to work out which one I should buy. In the end it came down to price and 5 year warranty. I wish I would of picked another brand now.

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Before Christmas, I had the card running at 1080p. 1080p doesnt put much stress on the card, as 60fps isnt hard for a card of this power. For a Christmas present I got a 4k screen, which meant increasing the resolution to 4k. This is when I noticed some big problems.

Immediately the card got a lot louder, from barely audible to the loudest part in the PC. If you ever got 3 high speed fans and turned them up to their maximum you may get the idea; I could hear the PC from downstairs! With what I read about 4k - I thought this was normal operation, but clearly it wasnt. I should of picked up on this faster.

A few days ago I noticed the card was especially loud; so loud it felt that something was wrong. After checking GPU-Z I saw a temperature of 90c, with a fan speed of 99%. 90c is only 10c away from boiling water - clearly something was wrong. I have never seen a GPU hit that temperature ever before. I started doing some more tests to see if that was a one off, however in quite a few games I could reach 85c, sometimes 88c. When looking ... Read more

something new

Posted by Scott on Saturday 13th February, 2016 | Comment 0 comments

Hi you know me as scott, been playing xgames for awhile. Got tired and been here lot about this game. Steam had it on sale for like 20.00 and well as a cheap guy i finally got it. Took a few tries to figure it out. La d was the hardest but finally got it down i think. Any how I finally started to figure somethings out. Ut please offer any tips sugestion etc yawl feel I can use, which is any. I flying a fed dropship, before thag a asp exore cobra 3 viper ,adder eagel and of course a sidewinder. Want a pytbon gettingtherr. I am combat expert trader and scout in rating. Been here that resare good places to make cash . Have made 5 mil in one night, but been upgrading ship as i make it. Been in the Ra , xihu gelise868 area am aligned with zach for now . I have found that with the drop ship, 3 med pulse turrents 2 med multicannon gimballed pythons, fdl cutter s fall quickly. Andocas so far needed a bit of help. Fed dropship normally fall fed assualt good pretty good. Have not taken on a gunship yet. There are all npcs . I know that makes a diffence as not wanting to .ix with people unless i have a wingman. Feel free to ... Read more

ELITED » Reaching a billionaire

Posted by Roguey on Sunday 8th November, 2015 | Comment 0 comments

I know its been awhile since my last Elite: Dangerous blog; back in September when I reached the combat rank of Elite. However its been relativity quiet in Elite for me. The reason is that ive been working on my trade-rank, which has you can imagine is a grind. For this ive been using one of two trade routes, either; Bestii to LTT 8517 or Karid to Orang - both routes have their advantages and disadvantages (the Karid being faster but with less profit, whilst the Bestii run being slower but makes more profit). Sometimes its worth switching between the two because other players effect the runs (even in solo).

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So today ive finally hit one billion in my bank account... in Elite: Dangerous - it would of been good in real life of-course. I guess technically ive been a billionaire for awhile, as my net assets are worth 1,261 million. Some of that is tied up in the ship I fly. Its not a full A-class Anaconda but its fairly well equipped, being worth around 265 million (my anaconda build).

This puts me at around 104 million away from ... Read more

Reinforcements have arrived

Posted by Roguey on Tuesday 27th October, 2015 | Comment 0 comments

Awhile back you may of read that I upgraded my PC from an 2600k to an 5820k. I looked seriously at the 6700k, but for me having 2 real extra cores was better (4x 4.2 vs 6x 3.6ghz). I dont know how things will go with gaming etc. but from past experience the extra cores tend to get used later on (and I do some encoding work from time to time). I also thought my 5820k will overclock (if need be), and ive reached 3.8ghz with 1.0v - I know thats not much of an overclock but I tend to want to keep the noise level low (1.0v is stock voltage). Higher voltages produce more heat and harder my AIO has to work to keep it cool, without louder fan noise. The H110i can get rid of it but ideally I want it to be very quiet. Im a bit of a silence freak to be honest, especially after my last build.

So for a long time ive been deciding what to do about the GPU - stick with a 680GTX (hold out for the Pascal) or get a card now. I thought long and hard and came to the conclusion that an 980Ti wont be bad next year just because of Pascal surely. I saw some posts by nvidia saying it was 10x faster, but I really cant see that. That would mean what we have now is been done badly. Like others I personally think Pascal will be around 30-40% at most. Some have said it be even longer until we see the big pascals. How long do you wait? ... Read more

Upgrading to an 5820k

Posted by Roguey on Wednesday 30th September, 2015 | Comment 0 comments

A little bit ago, a family member made a decision that they wanted to use a PC for next gen games instead of going down the console path (I think it was the right decision). This was influenced because their copy of Windows 7 couldnt be upgraded on their current pc (AMD X2 3800+), as the cpu didnt support CMPXCHG16B. So I did some research and found out that the cheapest I could put something together was around £400 mark (motherboard, cpu and ram). When comparing the stats to my 2600k (which is 4 years old), I saw only a 7% difference in performance (so pretty much getting something similar). So I started to wonder how much it would take to upgrade mine, so would also get an upgrade. Of-course I was more keen on this path (obvious reasons), and I knew my 2600k had premium motherboard (albeit a old but still good). Premium boards do give you a lot more future expansion if required.

So I started to look into, for around 50% more I could either get a 5820k or the new skylake processor (6700k). Both of these chips had advantages and disadvantages, higher core count vs higher stock speeds. I kept coming back to the decision that a higher clock speed cant replace 2 extra cores (even although modern games arent fully utilizing high core count yet). So told them about my findings and it was agreed this was the biggest gain for ... Read more

ELITED » An Elite Roguey

Posted by Roguey on Tuesday 1st September, 2015 | Comment 0 comments

Its been nearly 2 months since my promotion to Deadly in Elite: Dangerous. When I got Deadly, I moved my focus onto trading - as it felt like it would be a long journey and I was only at the start of it. Every so often I did a bit combat - pushing up my progress by a couple of percentage every now and then.

However in the past week or so, my turned my focus back onto fighting. I knew there be a bank holiday, so I would have some more time to push on with the rank.

Progress was slow at first, getting around 5% progress a day until I started to refine things. I learnt the best place to farm the kills was at high resource extraction sites (H-RES), but there were 3 different spawns;

- One with small ships (Eagles, Cobras, Diamondback's),
- Another with big ships (Imperial Clippers, Vultures, Dropships),
- Or a mixture of both,

I thought fastest way of pushing up my rank was to search for an instance with big ships, with high rank. However after a bit of time learnt both big/small spawns have various advantages;

To push up your combat rank, the most important thing is the rank of the other ship. It is better to face 3x Deadly Eagles, than it is to fight 3x Master Dropships. However the larger ship spawn is better for money, as you can earn up-to 230,000cr per kill.

If youre looking to push up your ... Read more

Swapping cases

Posted by Roguey on Tuesday 18th August, 2015 | Comment 0 comments

A week or so ago I was looking through my pictures of my PC - sometimes I find it nice to see how its changed over the years. However, I noticed that I had the same case for well over 12 years now. The Thermaltake Xaser III V2000A had been a good case, housing 3 or 4 different PC's including my current one - a 2600k. Below is a picture from 2003, however I dont know how long I had it before.

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Inside the case was a AMD 3000+, 2x256Mb DDR1 and Winfast A250 Ultra TD GeForce4 Ti 4600. This was the first time I looked at overclocking a system, so I installed 7 high performance fans;

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This was great for awhile and lasting me a couple of years. Computer tech used to change a lot faster then, every few months there was something new. So around in 2005 I switched from a single core cpu, to an AMD X2 3800+. I had the choice between a faster single core cpu, or a slower dual core. I opted for the dual core hoping to overlock it to the single core speed. So I installed a larger than normal heatsink and cooler (in the same case);

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I was fortunate and found that my CPU and found that my cpu easily overclocked to the single-core performance with less voltage than stock. So for long while I stuck with a AMD X2. This lasted 5 years, and now my PC was ... Read more

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