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ELITED » A new beginning..

Posted by DHLF on Thursday 29th January, 2015 | Comment 5 comments

Reasons to delete your commander and start fresh over..

First try
The first start of E:D made me think I bought the wrong game!
There were too many commands for Elite:Dangerous.
So I tried this and that, got confused with the keyboard and finally connected an old TM Hotas-X.
Tried the training mission and were unhappy with the game.
Controls were so confusing!
Spend more hours to find other peoples joystick configuration.
Tested them and well played finally E:D.
Got again unhappy with multi-used buttons and bought a TM Hotas Warthog.

Got even MORE unhappy with those beatiful hardware because of configuration and strange device problems.
Finally I was happy with the configuration and played some days.

Learned one thing or two..
-collecting cargo is illegal
-being fugitive make most people hunt you
-wrecking your ship means loosing much money(depending on equipment)
-insurance.. are somehow importent, but expensive
-dont hit the wrong button if your ship was destroyed (NO free Sidewinder!!)
-keep some spare money in case of ship destruction
-obey the system forces
-never forget to ask for landing clearance..
-never get away from the computer even if you have to pee..
-never leave your ship flying long distances without being in front of your controls
-never collect drifting cargo if it ... Read more

ELITED » I have never written a blog before..

Posted by DHLF on Wednesday 28th January, 2015 | Comment 5 comments

Normally I do not like the idea of posting my personal view in the public.
But elite:dangerous is eating my spare time like no other game before.
Therefore I will give it a try for this..

So what am I expected to do with a blog?

Maybe I should "talk" about my first contact with ELITE in the last CENTURY ^^
Games for home-computers were sold on tapes. Yuck!
The game box contempts:
-a PRINTED manual
-a pretty A3 sized poster with the ship types(filled, not wireframed Smile )
-the tape itself
and a strange plastic lense.

Because of the possibility to copy tapes easily from one to the other :p they decided to sell the tape with a special "lense" which you had to put on your TV-screen.
There was a strange marking shown which was only readable through those lense.
Different sized tv sets needed an "alignment" so you finally could type in the code.
Without the proper code the game did not run(surprise:lol)

The copy-protection was called "lens-lock" or so.

Bad people build strange devices to interrupt the running game and.. to save the memory to tape. You get it? Yes..

If someone is out there and load a so "cracked" Elite game on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum..
you could get plenty missiles(255!), money and DANGEROUS state if you save the new game at once ... Read more

ELITED » Cmd Roguey, Chapter 3

Posted by Roguey on Saturday 24th January, 2015 | Comment 7 comments

In my last blog I had switched back to an Asp, making me feel some-what safer. However things have changed - the universe is more hostile than ever.

It seems more human players have taken up the role of pirating - stealing and killing from other players, especially on main trade routes / rares (Lave / Altair areas). Myself, I have lost over 350k in hull damage to them and only narrowing escaping a couple of times. Elite & Dangerous is quickly turning into a PvP game which is not what I wanted. I guess I could head off the beaten track, or play solo but that defeats the point of online play, eh?

Blog picture

Many months ago, the online mode sounded great - being able to meet other players and maybe party with them (like in large events) - a thing that many other MMO's do (such as Guild Wars 2). I know Frontier are working on a feature called wings, but if this allows pirates to group together then things will get much worse.

You may think, well get a better ship... well, I was using a heavily upgraded Asp (around the 20 million mark) when I got hull damage from pirate Viper. All pirates do is fit more shield banks than me (as I was trying to carry cargo) and weapons to drop my shields fast, since my Asp cant turn as fast as a Viper. I dont fit PvP weapons because they require a lot of costly ... Read more

ELITED » Cmd Roguey, Chapter 2

Posted by Roguey on Saturday 17th January, 2015 | Comment 2 comments

Its been awhile since my last blog, and a lot has changed since. In my last blog I had only just got a Cobra, which had only basic equipment. Ideally I wanted to reach an Asp but it was a long way off.

Building up money took a long time. I originally wanted to make my money through bounty hunting than trading (I just wanted to do it a different way). I havnt really looked at trading too much (to be honest) as I find it a bit of a mixed bag - sometimes you take goods to a place (which the in-game map says it wants) and yet they dont.

A little time later Gomorragh told me of rare-trading, so I started to look into it. At first it seemed a little confusing;

  • Where are they sold? can I work-out some kind-of route?
  • If I buy them, can you only sell it at certain places?
  • Is it really worthwhile? would fuel cost more?

So the first thing, where can you buy them? So it was time to do a search in google. This is where I came across Elite Rare Trader;

Blog picture

This useful map tells you where you can find these rares, and how far the station with them is from the nav-point (some are very far away). The first thing I noticed is that around Lave there are quite a few places that sell them; Orrere, Uszaa, Leesti, Diso, Zaonce, So maybe my first stop. So now I ... Read more

ELITED » Cmd Roguey, Chapter 1

Posted by Roguey on Sunday 14th December, 2014 | Comment 1 comments

During the past few days ive been playing Elite: Dangerous. The main reason for getting back into it, was that Frontier decided not to wipe our progress at launch. The past our progress has be wiped at very major version.

So instead of opting for the trade route (easiest and safest way), I went down the combat path - praying on wanted ships. I started with a Sidewinder, installing one pulse laser and one multi-cannon when I could. This did okay but I was looking for something better. At this point I was scouting around looking for wanted ships everywhere.

Being a alpha/beta backer I noticed we get a free eagle - dubed as a freeagle by some. At first I was a little apprehensive of the Eagle because on paper it didnt look much better - although the extra gun (1 top, 2 lower) might of been useful.


So, after moving the weapons onto the Eagle, I had to save up some more money for the extra multi-cannon - power was limited. So finally with all 3 guns the Eagle seem pretty good. I used the pulse laser to bring down the shields, then the multi-cannons for the hull. I had use the multi-cannon sparely because they cost a fair about to rearm (as they are ammo based weapons).

After while I noticed that I good place to look for wanted ships was around the ... Read more

Double Rainbow

Posted by Roguey on Tuesday 18th November, 2014 | Comment 0 comments

It doesnt happen often... seeing a double Rainbow. However today I managed to get a picture of one just outside my window;

Blog picture

The one on the left was very strong, whilst the one on the right was hard to see; disappearing now and again. I did think about having a look over there, but isnt that an old-wife's tale?... there is gold at the end of a Rainbow? ... Read more

ELITED » A bit further in

Posted by Roguey on Thursday 28th August, 2014 | Comment 3 comments

As you may of seen, ive spending a bit of time playing Elite: Dangerous Beta 1.03. At-first it was a bit confusing (like most games), although Beta's games are often even more confusing as there can be a lack of documentation, things missing etc. I think now I have gotten the grips of things.

When you start in your Sidewinder you wonder what to do; so I started to explore, fight and test things - it doesnt matter if you destroy it, as you get another free one. Although being in the weakest ship does mean you have hard start (top-heavy).


For awhile, I wrestled with the controls - changing between keyboard, mouse and gamepad until I found something which works for me. I thought my controls were bad when I struggled to hit anything with my C2 pulse lasers. I later learned that fixed weapons are by default hard to use, but offer more damage than automatic-aim guns. So now ive settled for the gamepad with the keyboard for short-cuts.

At the moment the primary goal is to make money, or credits. These credits can be used to buy better weaponry, trade with more expensive wares or to upgrade ships. Whilst the current line-up of ship isnt that big at the moment, each ship feels like it has a ... Read more

GUILD WARS 2 » Re-playing and hate of RnG

Posted by Roguey on Friday 1st August, 2014 | Comment 2 comments

Hi there, for the past couple of weeks/months ive been re-playing Guild wars 2. My main focus was to build an legendary weapon; The Bifrost however after much grinding (something ANet said wouldnt happen in Gw2 at launch) completing 3 out of 4 parts ive decided to stop (or at a greatly reduced time).

Blog picture

My main reason for this is that The Legend can only been found by random number generator (RNG for short), either through the Mystic Forge or randomly from a monster drop. Sure you can pay someone else for it, but at the current prices it will take around 45 days of grinding gold, to give to someone else. I must of tried maybe 20-30 times with exotics and 300-400 times with rares (with no luck).

RNG is big part of GW2, making you either poor or rich. Some people can spend months playing and yet get very little of worth, yet others can drop in randomly and get the most expensive loot in the game. There is attribute called luck that increases your magical find but this only works on monsters killed, nothing else. I have no idea why luck doesnt work on chests.

Generally good loot is very hard to come by, and even if you find an odd exotic its only worth a couple of gold at-most. Today I did some digging into prices.. what I came up with is that prices have slowly ... Read more

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