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X3TC » My Burgeoning Fleet

Posted by RandomTank on Tuesday 2nd July, 2013 | Comment 1 comments

After a bit of sorting, selling and stealing, my ship list is looking a lot more manageable; there is still about 50 TS's that need repairing and selling, but now all the excess fighters have gone, been put into wings or stored away for the PHQ.

I now have my Shrike outfitted as an RRF Destroyer that packs quite a punch, but it also has Red Wing mounted in it, which comprises of 5 Nova Raiders toting 4 HEPT and 4 PRG each, allowing for quite flexible usage; but I also keep my X-Shuttle in its hanger for personal use. My main ship though is my Panther, equipped to be a Carrier/Cruiser with plenty of ISR, CIG and FAA, and it carries Gold and Silver Wing in its hangers; Gold Wing being 10 Solano's all equipped with 6 Mass Drivers and 50 crates of ammo each, which functions as a heavy interceptor wing; and Silver wing being 5 #deca.cefa's equipped with 4 PM/AM Launchers, 10 crates of ammo, and 2 EMPC's in the turret each, which functions as a light bomber wing. I also have 3 Blastclaw Prototypes as a Combat-Salvage squad, and a couple of personal use ships including my favourite fighter, a Venti named 'Total Annihilation' with 6 EBC and 4 PRG. I recently added an escort for my Panther in the shape of 2 Heavy Dragons, equipped with 8 ISR on the front and a choice of 4 ISR or 4 PBG on the turret (I ... Read more

X3TC » Too much.... Stuff!!

Posted by RandomTank on Tuesday 18th June, 2013 | Comment 4 comments

Been playing a TC save for a while now, an I now officially have more ships than I know what to do with...
Lets start the list shall we? I have:
A Panther, fully equipped, needs more fighters for escort (uses the Nova Raiders);
A Shrike, fully equipped, needs fighter escort;
A Cobra, partially equipped (needs hammers), needs more marines (10 4 star)
A Griffon, needs equipping (has nothing useful), needs fighter escort;
A Gannet, needs equipping (has nothing, may sell), has no marines;
A Carrack, needs equipping (has nothing, may sell);
A Minotaur, needs equipping (has nothing, may sell);
M6 & M8
A Skiron, fully equipped, no marines;
A Pirate Osprey, needs equipping (has nothing, may sell), no marines;
A TLS, fully equipped, no marines;
A Vidar, needs equipping, no marines;
A Hades, fully equipped;
A Claymore, partially equipped;
A Chimera, empty
6 Blastclaw Protos, 2 combat ready (PBG, PRG, PAC), 4 empty
3 Blastclaws, all empty
11 Pirate Novas, all empty
2 Pirate Falcon Vanguards, all empty
3 Pirate Falcons, all empty
A Pirate Eclipse, empty
A Perseus, combat ready (HEPT, PBE, PAC)
A Barracuda Raider, empty
5 Nova Raiders, Red wing (HEPT, PRG)
A Venti, combat ready (EBC, PRG)
X shuttle, combat ready (EMPC, PBE)
A Cutlass, combat ready
2 Scimitars, combat ready
A ... Read more

DUKE NUKEM: FOREVER » Glitch insane difficultly

Posted by Roguey on Thursday 2nd May, 2013 | Comment 0 comments

If like me, you started to pull your hair-out when trying to complete Duke Nukem: Forever on Insane (or very hard difficultly), then this may help.

Quite often you can walk into a area, you can be killed in a mere second then forced to wait 30 seconds for the game to reload (especially on the consoles). After a few tries, the load time gets very annoying. The end-boss is very annoying having no check-points between the battle. However this glitch works with him, as there are a check-point before and after.

This glitch basically allows you to play most of the game with God-mode on and Instant-kill enabled. You will need to unlock the cheats by completing the game on normal.

Background on the glitch
The glitch works between check-points (when the save icon/text appears at the bottom right). However you can not pass two or three checkpoints without reseting the glitch, otherwise the current game will be flagged with cheat and you wont complete the level on insane.

Using the glitch

1. Select your chapter, and the difficultly on Damn, I'm Good and start-game,
2. Play as little, or as much as you like until you hit hard secton,
3. Quit the game,
4. Go into the cheats menu and enable: God-mode and Instant-gib,
5. Go back to the chapters, then select [i]resume ... Read more

X3TC » Way of the Gun Chapter 5

Posted by Kirlack on Tuesday 23rd April, 2013 | Comment 1 comments

Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Back in the saddle

    Aww, mate! I swear, if I ever give up my life o' crime I'm movin' up here with these boys. They sure can party! I even got the pleasure of some post alchohol fun! Man, I love my job.

    So, I started the day by kicking lover boy outta bed, grabbin' a shower and eatin' breakfast with my mercs. Daye Bro, the cocky frakker I was thinkin' about shootin' a couple nights back, is one of the ten still on the Metatron, and I've banned 'em all from carryin' weapons in the common cabin in case their poker games turn ugly again. I might have to sit in myself one night and see how much cred I can take offa them. Heh.

    Once I was all set I climbed back into Tendencies cockpit and made the jump down to Acquisition. I'm hopin' I can find a hacker or two down here that'll get me some access at the Loomanck's stations. After a bit o' searchin' I do find one at the 1Mj shield fab who's willin' to net me dockin' rights at the Rehabilitation Facility fer a hundred grand or so, so I wire him his money and jump down there. There's a certain Mamba I wanna ... Read more

X3TC » Way of the Gun Chapter 4

Posted by Kirlack on Monday 15th April, 2013 | Comment 1 comments


Chapter 4: Gone Fishin'

    Decided to take the day off from my regular 'kill 'n' steal' methods and do some scoutin' today. Before I called it a night yesterday I sent 'Small Fry', my little Octopus, off to Company Pride for some shields and software, and got it tuned all the way to max. Whilst she was busy getting fitted out I fixed up the Caiman as well and sent Creed off to OTAS for a couple more shields to get her ship-shape. I had an interestin' run in with one o' my mercs last night as well. Cocky frakker was a hair's breadth from gettin' shot. That said, if Yohandris hadn't been on my case askin' fer the money I owe him whilst I was outside patchin' Tools' hull I'd likely have been in a better mood...

    Anyway. I got Small Fry all kitted out fer scoutin' duties and whilst she was on her way back I spent a bit o' time on the public net, lookin' at ancient Earth history of all things. I'd been thinkin' about a name fer the Hermes, and when I was searchin' it came up that an ancient culture referred to Hermes as the' messenger of the gods'. Further searchin' turned up 'the voice of God' ... Read more

X3TC » Problems with the HUB Plot

Posted by caffeeine on Wednesday 27th March, 2013 | Comment 13 comments

    Now some people have had problems with the hub plot. I am one of those people. But I have found a way to do the Hub plot with out bashing my face in to the keyboard repeably. For some money can be hard to come by for others not so much. I have a solution to the money problem but at a cost. Most of this money will go to completing the hub plot but at the end it will end up paying for its self. So solution i found was on this forum. It was posted by cjm3fl. He posed about and exploit that will make you a ton of money mining nividum. What he wrote can be found here . It is a great guide on how to use this exploit. So, on to how I completed the hub plot. Now i tried this 6 different ways from doing the hauling my self to hiring a lot of CLS pilots to do the hauling for me. The game will run out of resources required for this if you do it with the massive amounts of CLS pilots. The way i did it was i made three complexes consisting of 75 stations I used.

10x Chip plant
10x Teleaudianum foundry (large)
10x Crystal fab (large)
10x Cahoona bakery (large)
10x Cattle ranch (large)
10x Solar power plant (Extra Large)
7x Silicon mines (large)
8x Ore mines (large)

    Now if you have used the nividum exploit the three complexes shouldn’t be a problem to come by. Now the ... Read more

X3TC » Way of the Gun - An Interlude

Posted by Kirlack on Wednesday 20th March, 2013 | Comment 0 comments

Chapter 3


Argon News Network bulletin: Aladna Hill

Local police and federal authorities are still looking for leads in a recent triple murder case. The victims, two Paranid and a Boron, were slaughtered in their hotel room on the trading station in Aladna Hill just three days ago. They have now been named by their respective governments. Tuli Sa, professor of micro-biology and former head of genetics research at the Royal research facility in Great Trench was shot twice and is believed to have been the first victim. The two Paranid have been named as Taimancketlat, reknowned astrophysicist and one of the few members of the Empire willing to deal openly with Argon corporations, and Krakonmosslat, a known pirate. It is unknown why the three were together and raises significant questions for both the Kingdom of Boron and the Paranid Empire. We'll bring you more on the story as soon as we get it.


Yohandris Ugralias Rotussiss the sixth eased his tired body into the comfortable, expensive and ancient wooden chair he had procured years before from an auction on Argon Prime. Despite having been built for a human occupant it was barely big enough to contain the fat lizard's bulk. As he sat he glanced ... Read more

BORDERLANDS 2 » Searching for Jimmy Jenkins

Posted by Roguey on Wednesday 20th March, 2013 | Comment 0 comments

For the past few days I have been hunting a guy called Jimmy Jenkins in Borderlands 2. Jimmy Jenkins is a miniature found when opening certain ammo crates, in a few locations. He is the rarest miniature, so the chances are you will find the others many times before finding Jimmy. Here is the places you can find him:

- Wildlife Preservation,
- Opportunity,
- Thousand Cuts (Hyperion Expansion),
- Hero's Pass,

I have spent awhile(at-least 20+ hours) doing ammo crate runs in Opportunity without no luck. I did find a few miniatures however but not Jimmy (probably every other miniature). I also did a few runs in Hero's pass but that was even worse, I never found even one miniature there.

So I thought I'll try in Wildlife Preservation, on Vault-Hunter-Mode, with the Doctor's Order quest selected (2/4 unfortunately (I thought it had to be 1/4)); as said it's easier to find Jimmy there. I don't have the arena DLC (which is said to be a requirement; although it just saves time reaching a special set of boxes). It can take you 7-8mins to reach these boxes without, as you need to run from the start of Wildlife Preservation each time.

Blog picture

When you reach the boxes, make sure you kill all hostile monsters (Skaggs etc.) before opening the boxes, and open one ... Read more

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