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X3TC » x3tc player

Posted by Scott on Sunday 5th August, 2012 | Comment 13 comments

Hi I been playing x3 for about 7 months or so. Very addicting,but I am trying to cap a Hyperion vanguard with out success so far.I do want to cap some ships but I got so many u traders that I do want to lose them. Been using the heavy dragon as my personnel ship. First time I played used the x shuttle then I reloaded and used the skate prototype. Now I used the blast-claw pro type wow awesome ship, then switched to the dragoon then to the heavy dragon better ship
I have restarted several times, each time learning more from the last. hope to start with the poisoned paranoid start next time doing the terrian plot in a Hyperion might be fun. please feel free to make suggestion etc thanks ... Read more

X3AP » Advanced Capture Guide Part 1 Fighters

Posted by JoelNussbaum on Saturday 4th August, 2012 | Comment 2 comments

For people like me capturing ships is my primary source of income in the x universe. Now every guide I've run across is the same thing: missile boat torpedo flail flail flail. This works of course, but it has no details further than what I mentioned. In this guide I will not only discuss the capture of capitol ships but strategies on the capture of capitol ships and fighters. This guide will cover capturing fighters. Methods Strategies and dangers.

Fighter capture is much cheaper than capitol capture and some fighters when repaired can sell for as high as 1.6 million credits a pop. There are 2 strategies in the "liberation" of enemy fighters. There are things you want to avoid when capturing enemy fighters.

1 Dont use 1-hit kill weapons. If its going to drop the fighter in 1-shot you might want to consider canning the ppc for something a bit less death-happy.

2 Do not use an overpowering ship. Same concept as #1 if you are in a Terran Osaka, with its 300 batteries even if you put a low power cannon in its turrets, you are still firing several shots at it. Not to mention it handles like a school bus which makes for longer space suit trips to claim your new prize (or whats left of it)

3 Capture chances are low and random. Ive gone 22-23 ships before I got a bail out, then there are times where ... Read more

Verified by Visa Sucks!

Posted by Roguey on Monday 16th July, 2012 | Comment 3 comments

A day or so ago I tried to place an order online with for a couple of items. After going through the checkout stage, I was greeted by the Verified by Visa (VbV) iframe, immediately a sigh – when I've seen this, it usually meets my order is going to be rejected 8 out of 10 times (happened to mum so many times over the years).

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It must have been months, maybe even a more (could be a year) since I've seen this screen: I haven't used many online retailers recently and if I do mostly eBay/PayPal. So when it asks for my password, I haven't got a clue. So I thought I'll try a couple that I use: 2 attempts later and I'm told I am not allowed to try again. Fine, so let's ask for a new password (after-all once you forgotten it, you should be able to ask for a new one?). Fill in all the details (which I'm not too keen giving on the internet), only to see Process blocked.. so now I can't even ask for a new password now? I am not even sure my new card is registered with VbV either, as it's only changed this month! So technically there shouldn't be any password assigned to that card, as it's a new card.

According to VbV since I tried like 2 times, I must be fraudster?! Now its saying the only way to Unblock it is to phone a ... Read more

DIABLO 3 » Is Diablo 3 boring..?

Posted by Roguey on Saturday 23rd June, 2012 | Comment 0 comments

You may think this is a bit of an odd question to ask for a video-game; however I have spent quite a lot of hours in it now, reaching into Hell mode. At first Diablo 3 was fun, running around exploring places and killing stuff etc. Very rarely would I die.

However now I am finding Diablo 3 hard work (since entering into Hell mode). In hell mode it's much easier to die (the increasing revive timer can really annoy you, forcing you wait up-to 30 seconds before coming back). This is bad enough, however if you were deep into a dungeon level, you are often put back at the very start. This is the same for bosses, forcing you to restart them. So you can easily spend a minute or two getting back to the place you were only to die within a second again (leading to some swear words). In Diablo 2 you could place a TP (or Town Portal) as a re-entry point, saving you from running across a whole map: your character would only make the portal not go through it. However in Diablo 3, your character automatically enters the TP without any control. So you can not leave a TP ready to come back through after you die.

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Health is a very odd thing in Diablo 3: in Hell mode you can have 10-15k life, which can disappear in mere moments. Potions can help recover some of it, however they have a very long ... Read more

MOBILE » Console Emulation on a HTC Wildfire S

Posted by Roguey on Monday 18th June, 2012 | Comment 0 comments

During the past few weeks I have been trying to get a SNES/Genesis (Megadrive in the UK) emulator for my smartphone (a HTC Wildfire S). This is when I came across SuperGNES (A SNES emulator for Android). I got it off the Market, and then copied some Roms over to my SD-Card (by plugging my phone into the PC). A few moments later, my old SNES games appeared.. And they are actually running quite well too – which I was really surprised.

So, I start the game and try to use the touch panel controller. Well, it wasn't too well, sometimes the button wouldn't register (in a game like F-Zero this could end your race, if you don't turn correctly). I couldn't even control Bomberman too well either, most of the time I blew myself up! So I started to look for a controller for my HTC.

Well first thing was to look around the house. I had some PC controllers, PS3 and a WiiMote. Well the PC controls didn't work. I got some USB adaptors, but my phone doesn't have USB Host (or USB OTG): meaning the phone isn't good enough to become like a PC (just acts a peripheral). I found out that If the phone was running Android v3+ then I could do it (MY HTC is running v2.3.3).

The next try was the PS3 controller, after-all it's a Bluetooth device (and some have it ... Read more

Upgrading from a 9800GT to a 670GTX

Posted by Roguey on Thursday 7th June, 2012 | Comment 1 comments

For many years I had 9800GT: it was a great card and only cost £100 from a local seller. The 9800GT gave me a performance increase of 4x times my previous card, so for £100 it was a great deal.

Last year I upgraded my PC to an i7 2600k, however left upgrading the graphics card (so I was running a 9800GT on an i7). This was fine for a bit, has I wasnt really playing any new games as such (most ran on the 9800GT fine).

Now the time has come to update the graphics card: A month ago NVidia released a new series called the Kepler range. The Kepler seems to be the card to go for: support for the latest technology, more energy efficiency (I hate how cards demand more and more power), fast fps and even the type of cooler I like (blowing the hot air out the back of the case, my 9800GT blew the hot air back into the case). The older series GTX 560/570/580, they were putting some odd about of memory on them like 1280Mb, 1536Mb etc. With Kepler its simply 2Gb (this seem much better too)!

Well here's my PC with the 9800GT installed:

Blog picture

I managed to get myself a MSI GeForce GTX 670 OC 2048MB GDDR5 (an over-clocked version). The core-speed is normally 915Mhz, which has been bumped to 965Mhz... I know its just like 6% more but this card was the cheapest at the store oddly, still 6% more than ... Read more

X3TC » A weekend later

Posted by Sha1hulud on Tuesday 5th June, 2012 | Comment 1 comments

Well I decided to be rid of the save in hopes of one that may bear sweeter fruit. I opted to go with the Poisoned Paranid start. If you haven't played this start before, there is an initial mission to obtain 25,000,000 Credits in 3 hours in the hopes of regaining you belongings as a holy one. Refusing to sell certain obtainable ships (because it is almost impossible to find other copies of several of them), I decided that capping, war missions, and mining was the way to go. Two in game days later, (8 hours IRL) I had finally acquired to necessary money to cure myself of the wretched disease that had afflicted me. Returning as close as was still possible to the Holy Paranid Theocracy, I retrieved my blessed Hyperion Vanguard and my delightful Advanced Perseus. Adding my Mamba to that group; I now owned a paltry three ships and two measly stations.(an ore mine in Ianamuras*, and a Mobile drill factory in Seizewell.) I now sought out to work my way into several of the quest lines with the goal of allying myself with the Profit Guild as well as the Terrans (In case things take a turn for the worse.) Several hours later, I now possess 4 Rapiers, 2 Kestrels, 2 Baldrics, 2 Advanced Perseus, 1 Advanced Pericles, 1 Mamba, and my lovely Hyperion Vanguard.

The Baldrics are the beginning of my vast trading empire, I intend ... Read more

X3TC » Blogging away

Posted by Sha1hulud on Friday 1st June, 2012 | Comment 1 comments

Greetings and salutations,

This will be my first ever blog, thus it will likely be wrought with errors. I have owned the X3 games for about 15 months now, yet I've not honestly had the patience to really get into a single save before now. I recently played relatively far into X3AP, getting the HQ and Xenon Hub before becoming disgusted by my ineptly built system of trade, and decided to give X3:TC a try after almost a year long hiatus.

I've now played for about 3 hours real time, yet I've managed to die at least twice that number. I started out with the Terran character. I tried to complete the main quest with out any additional help; that failed resoundingly after I died twice attempting to scan the pirate base. It almost seems as if the pirate incursions in X3Tc are much harsher and more rampant than in X3AP, either that or the factions are less capable of repelling them without the additional support provided to them in X3AP.

While avoiding all of these incursions, I have set out to obtain as many of the free ships as possible without selling nay of the ones that are unique copies in the game(so I might reverse-engineer them later on). I have finally purchase 2 Mistrals and begun to set them up as Sector Trades in Argon Territory. Hopefully, I will be using the recently acquired funding from ... Read more

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