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Flash and gone

Posted by Roguey on Sunday 12th February, 2012 · Comment 0 comments

Today I read up a bit about Flash, as its an technology id like to use for my site. It seems that Adobe have ownership on flash, which basically forces you to buy their own editor. I was a bit surprised to see the price of it... £700!?! Eeeek!

So I thought ill have a look to see if anyone has an alternative. This is where I find Vectorian Giotto - which looks interesting. After a few hours, I couldnt get I want working: to load an external images. A bit longer, I got it to work but not how want I wanted it. As an coder, I want to be able to write code.

AS2/AS3 (which is the code used in Flash) seems very complex and hard to understand, its more like Java but you seem to pick random keywords out of the air. Even the editor is hard to understand, clicking on things which dont really seem to do anything, code disappearing, nothing really explained... its just a nightmare to me. This doesnt even look like its Vectorian Giotto fault, as their editor looks similar to Adobe's! Vectorian Giotto is probably an good alternative to Adobe. I did get a few basic things working although, just some plain animation.

So I tried it. Adobe Flash is simply too pricey for me, and then its an complex language to learn (for games and dynamic content). Its fine if you want to create a small animation (like a running stick-man), or something. I guess this explains why there are only a few flash developers out there, its not something which is easy.

X3AP » What to buy at 50 million

Posted by Roguey on Friday 13th January, 2012 · Comment 4 comments

Its took a long time to buy up any serious money in the Terran Commander. Most of it ive been spending on my complex, which is now 50 stations large.

I built my complex in Megnir, which seems a fairly safe Terran sector (this sector has gates you can jump too). Carbo Cake seems to sell fairly well, although just 4 or 5 L factories seem to cope with demand (price set at 31cr), however my main seller is Poltergeist missiles (price set at 1 less than default). I have 10 of these stations (in the complex) and the missiles are normally always brought by the NPC ships.

After much time and many kill missions, I wondered what to buy at the 30-40 million range. M7's seem good but kind-of wanted more turrets, M2's are a bit of a stretch but are the most powerful fighters (but are rather slow)... after much thinking I decided on a Split Cobra:

Blog picture

My reason for this is that its the second fastest M7M (speed can be important in M7M's), which is able to use boarding pods to board other ships. Boarding pods make boarding so much easier, as you send your marines in a missile like projectile rather than kicking them out of air-lock and letting them fly up-to the ship.

One little tip: if your setup for boarding in your M7M, angry the ship you wish to board with a few missiles (probably a few Flails every 5-10 seconds). Now get the ship behind your M7M (7-8km is safe) and set your top speed to the same as the ship you wish to board. This puts the enemy ship so its front is facing you, which should allow you to send missiles and boarding pods without the turrets shooting any of them out. Now use a few Hammer Heavies to take down the shields, and then use a few Flails (at 10%'ish shields) to bring them down to 2-3%. Launch the boarding pods, then a few more Flails (although you need to be more careful with lighter shielded ships). Now keep the shields under 10% with Flails until the marines reach deck 1. Now you can just wait and hope your marines are successful.

X3AP » Terran Commander start

Posted by Roguey on Friday 6th January, 2012 · Comment 0 comments

The Terran Commander has definitely been a hard start: no plot mission, war all around, no Terran police license and such large sectors making travel very long winded (trade is near impossible). I managed to get some money together by salvaging stuff then went exploring. I noticed the Terran Springblossom (M6) has got a crazy top speed, so I headed out looking were its sold... Aldrin. So I ditched the Katana (which has just 1 extra shield) and brought one (at 6.5mil its a great buy, with top speed of 360m/s!).

This new ship allowed me to travel across those hostile sectors where Argon ships jump in and start shooting at you. Once I got away from those Terran and Argon sectors I could find some friendly sectors. This is were I started making real money because of the fight missions.

After a few missions I headed on over to Cardinals Domain. I shot down an Argon ship there, then thought the local police would go hostile... nope.. nothing. hmmm.. has my paranid rank gone up?... I shot another down.. yup! The Paranid actually like me for killing Argons?!? This makes Cardinals Domain for me a great place to capture M3/4/5's.. there is even a shipyard there to sell the ships!

After awhile the money started building up, so I starting getting marines and training them. I didnt get them far when I noticed a small wing of ships supporting a single Heavy Centaur.. I thought what the heck?.. lets try boarding it...

Oh.. that thing puts out of lot of damage... my Springblossom just managed to hold the damage whilst I sent out the marines out and hold down the shields... "We on target.. stand-by"... 6 marines with just 2 stars have got no chance!.. "Deck 1 clear.. moving to deck 2"... hmm... "Deck 2 clear, smoke in the hole".. now this getting interesting... the Heavy Centaur is an 15million credit ship!

A few moments later, "transferring ship to your command".. oh!.. did I really get that ship with just 6 bad marines?.. oh 4 have been killed (ah screw them they were bad marines anyway)... still, oooh:

Blog picture

Now ill be arming up my new ship to capture and board more ships... The best way to look at the Terran start is that your a Pirate attacking the Argon... OOohh Arrr!

X3AP » RF Complex 1

Posted by Roguey on Monday 2nd January, 2012 · Comment 0 comments

A while back I started X3AP on the Terran Commander start. Since then Ive been exploring and looking for ways to make money. I have made some money, so I started looking at building my first complex in X3AP. However there isnt many safe areas - apart from inner-most Terran sectors. I plan to write a small guide for this start sometime soon, as its a hard start.

In this start there isnt many TL's ships floating around, so I had to buy my own - A Paranid Hercules (a nice and cheap TL that is a great work-horse). You can indeed buy stations from the Terran shipyards, and deploy them.

I took a quick look around, and Megnir took my eye. Its got it own shipyard and some great rocks to place a few mines on. The sector itself seem fairly safe too, no big ships but no enemy spawns there. So I built 2 silicon mines (both L's - M mines are not worthwhile!).

Now my money was down, however a few kill missions later I made to get a enough for a L sized power plant. It built fine, however I had a problem when linking the stations together...

Atm there is a bug with Terran Complex construction kits, however non-Terran kits work fine. The bug is that when you got to link two stations, it doesnt play the little cut scene, nor is the stations linked. However quick jump to a Paranid shipyard, and all 3 stations are now linked:

Blog picture

I know its not much, however its the start of my self sufficient complex.

November activity round-up

Posted by Roguey on Sunday 20th November, 2011 · Comment 0 comments

Today (whilst my internet is working), ive been checking to see what activity has been happening on the sites. Here's a little round-up of the site activity.

In general there is a reduction of X3/TC visitors (I guess people are finishing the game and moving onto new things/waiting for Rebirth). Glitches in the game I guess haven't helped.

The hits on the Rebirth site have dropped also (to between 15-30) - however with very little new Rebirth news I can understand why. Ego have introduced a lot of changes, yet very little news - just a few odd forum posts on the official boards. Even from months ago we still only have a few odd pictures/videos.

The forum is doing okay, although its seeing around half the amount of viewers average. I guess this is due to the lower visitors on the other sites. However it seams there are regular visitors.

The PS3 site is getting a few visitors a day (5-15), however in the next few weeks, this will change as the PS3 site is being ported over to a console site, where support for the XBox 360 will be added. This is so me, bozor and Tiger can post news on both the PS3 and XBox (hopefully).

However, the most disappointing statistic is Ammo - Ammo has a very low visitor count. According to Tiger, the whole of the C&C community is struggling - which is a big shame. I can understand why Ammo gets lower visitors than other C&C sites but with really low stats it doesnt encourage me to spend a lot of time on it. I must thank Tiger for all his work on the site. Here's a preview of Ammo's activity:

Blog picture

Is it all doom and gloom? I dont think so. The X3/TC sites are pretty heavy rooted into X community, so whilst the hits may lower I feel they will never zero off. Hopefully Rebirth will kick start a new era but I feel that going to be when its out. If the Rebirth fails, I will probably move to a Guild wars 2 site (I will no doubt be spending a lot of time on it)

The console side of things... well that's a hard area to break into - so many other sites out there fighting over visitors... but if we can offer something unique there, then maybe we do well? The PS3 site is already getting a few visitors a day, so adding an xbox part will surely help. It will be good to have a site with a few people helping with it!

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