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X3TC » Vanilla madness

Posted by Roguey on Monday 22nd August, 2011 · Comment 0 comments

Since discovering a flaw in X3TC, ive gone a little nuts making PPC's, then putting them on Orca's for sale. Money is no longer a problem:

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The worse bit is that my game is still unmodified - I guess because the flaw is in X3TC then technically its not cheating, nor modding the game: as basically the game has a flaw. If you want to see the flaw, check here.

Oh, btw im going to kill everyone in the X-Universe when my armada gets big enough. I already have 8 Borea's getting ready Evil

X3TC » Capturing a Atmospheric Lifter made easy

Posted by Roguey on Sunday 14th August, 2011 · Comment 1 comments

I was floating around Terran space when I noticed the Terran TL - Atmospheric Lifter. It has no guns but 80,000 cargo size, 20k more than the next biggest the Argon Mammoth! This would be great for complex building.

At first I tried to chase after one in my Split Cobra, however the Terran TL has a slightly higher top speed - I couldnt keep up. I noticed the ship travels to the planet (around 450km from the first location), disappears, then a few moments later reappears at around 110km - heading towards the USC Orbital Supply Base.

So the Terran TL starts from 100km'ish away from the USC Orbital Supply Base, then travels to the base, stops, sends out drones, then flies to the planet (450km) then re-starts.

So once the ship has reached the base and sends out its drones, this is the prefect time to board the ship - its a sitting duck, waiting to be claimed by you.

So the first bit it to bring down the shields then hold them down to 1-5%. Many of the Atmospheric Lifters have only around 125MJ worth of shield, which will regenerates very quickly. In boarding ships, you must keep the shields down to 1-5% for the marines until they reach deck 1. I tried a few things, in-which I found a nice little solution: A single phased repeater gun in a turret can hold the shields down long enough for your boarding pods to get to deck 1. If you got another ship, you can park it near the TL (within the 2km range of the PRG), then give its turret (with a single PRG) to attack all enemies. Your other ship will then hold the shields for you once the ship goes hostile from you attacking it. All you need to do is to bring the shields down yourself.

Once your marines get past hull and onto deck 1, you can then cancel the PRG attack and let your marines do their bit. I went a little mad - gonna have to repair my Terran rep with a few kill mission me thinks:

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X3TC » The joining of complexes

Posted by Roguey on Friday 12th August, 2011 · Comment 0 comments

When you start building your own complex, if like me you keep adding more and more stations until it becomes a messy or so busy its hard to find a place where to add another station.

There is a 20-25km limit of where you can place station away from a HUB, however there is a way to extend your complex even further by joining complexes together.

For example, you make complex 1 have all your mines, then make complex 2 with all your food/bio resources and so on. Then you can link all the complex together to form one giant complex. The only rule for joining complex hubs is that they need to be within 20-25km of each other.

Using this information I have extended my complex to reach nearly across a whole sector:

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This has also allowed me to move the doorway from the busy right hand side, to the left - where there arent as many stations. So I can add even more stations.

X3TC » Getting your own Hyperion

Posted by Roguey on Wednesday 10th August, 2011 · Comment 0 comments

In X3TC the old Hyperion from X3 has been changed from an M7 to a M6. Most of the stats are the same, apart from the shields (1GJ) and few other things. This makes the Hyperion one of the best normal M6's to have (it can also dock at any station). However this ship can not be brought, so its boarding time!

In my game I used an M7M with some Flail missiles and 1 boarding pod. I used Flails missiles to bring down the shields to under 10% - You could use Hammer's but they do too much damage.

Once you got the shields down, send 1 boarding pod (with 5 marines). If you send any more marines, they wont attack and will eject into space. After sending the Boarding pod -it might be worth sending just a few more Flails to stop the shields going up. Once the marines are on Deck 1 you can forget about the shields.

The best way I found of getting my missiles to hit is to face away from the ship and try to out-run it but staying within 10km's (out of range of PPC's but enough for your missiles). If you try using missiles from another angle, the turrets will shot out the missiles. However this time the Hyperion is faster than my ship, but you could simply use Jumpgate's to get the ship to turn and face you.

I lost 1 Marine, but got this ship:

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Thanks Paranid. An M7 went hostile (I did think about boarding him too), but decided not too. So I com him and told him my missile barrage was simply an miss-fire. He was fine with that, even know I stole an Hyperion from under their noses.

X3TC » My real boarding success

Posted by Roguey on Thursday 28th July, 2011 · Comment 0 comments

A while back I saved up the money for an M7M rather than a M7, because I wanted to try and board ships. I also wanted to know why M7M were so costly. Ive invested a lot of money into training my marines, with little return.

Today I got 20 marines ready after much training and thought ill have a go at a Boreas, seeing its a ship I really wanted. I didnt hold out much hope but figured ill have a go anyway.

So, I changed my race relationship to hostile to the Argons, then started to fire Hammer Heavy's at the ship - so to bring down the shield and make the ship go hostile. As soon as the ship went hostile, I used the jump-drive and moved the nearest gate. Seeing as I had a Split Cobra (which is faster than the Boreas), I turned the ship to face away and let it catch me up (to 8k/9m range) - so it couldnt fire but I could hit the ship from the front (where the main guns dont shoot out my missiles).

So after many missiles, the shields were down enough. Then the mad launch of my marines, followed by some extra missiles to hold the shields down. Soon after the marines got into the ship (all 20, most only having 3 stars).

Deck by deck, the marines cleared the ship. On one of the decks, one marine died - heck I was expecting a lot more. 19 of them reached the computer core. A few moments later, the ship was transferred to me! Just 1 marine dead - thankyou marines!

So I have a new main ship - albeit it needs repairing:

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I hope this helps you with your boarding, good luck!

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