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X3TC » M6 rather than M7

Posted by Roguey on Sunday 17th July, 2011 · Comment 0 comments

After building my complex (it went crazy to 9 x 1MJ shields factories - still buying them like tomorrow) I started to build up my money for a new bigger ship than my Dragon.

The Dragon was a fantastic ship: killing other M6's with ease and even an old dreaded Pirate Carrack (those buggers do so much damage). The top/rear turret guarding against those nasty Tomahawk missiles.

So my credits where building up: 25milion mark and I start to think what do I get? M7's are great but have some drawbacks: big targets, sometimes limited choice of weapons, cant dock everywhere and often feel like a mini-version of a M2.

So looking through the ships I decided on the Boron Heavy Hydra - why? well its not too slow (138m/s), 800MJ (okay not the same as a M7), can dock everywhere, IonD's (plan on doing some boarding and IonD are great at crippling ships), smaller (so harder to hit) plus the good positioning of turrets (front and rear). I also wanted to try something different, as last time I picked the Split Tiger (that was a great ship too). Here's my new ship for anyone interested.

Blog picture

I am planning to use the front guns for my main attack, the 2 front turret for anti-fighter (atm PBE) then the rear for missile defence (PBE again). Those Tomahawk are deadly.

I am also exporting my details to the egosoft site, shown here.

X3TC » A station too far

Posted by Roguey on Thursday 14th July, 2011 · Comment 0 comments

During the past few days ive been building up my complex with my TL. In the end I wanted to create a complex which required no resources - ie. makes everything it needs itself.

The last bit of the puzzle was joining up two mines - an Silicon and Ore Mine L's (no point using M size mines, you wish you upgraded to L later). To do this I need a tractor beam, so I could pull the two mines closer to my complex - as they were too far to join with a complex construction kit:

Blog picture

The only race that sells them are the Paranid who I was trying to keep an enemy (started with the Bankrupt assassin). However this meant I had to be nice to them, so I could buy a couple of tractor beams. This was done with a few fight missions. Soon as I could I got myself some tractor beams for my Dragon M6.

Then what was left to do was to drag both mines close enough to my complex, so I could join them on. I felt sorry for my Dragon dragging a great big station behind it:

Blog picture

After both stations where dragged close enough, they were joined onto the main complex with two more complex construction kits, to make a compete complex. Oh, btw wheat isnt selling very well now - getting loads of it stockpiling.

The last stage was to kick start the complex with some Energy cells (700'ish). To do this I had to stop production at a few of the stations (because resources where limited).

Blog picture

It was just enough to get the complex working, slowly toggling on stations the complex started to become alive.

I am noticing 1MJ shields are still selling well around Argon Prime in X3TC - okay my complex is in Three worlds, but that still Argon space.

Hopefully now ill be able to get some cash up and get myself a bigger ship soon.

X3TC » The start of empire building

Posted by Roguey on Tuesday 12th July, 2011 · Comment 0 comments

Today ive been looking at the M6+ ships, especially the Boron and Argon Heavy M6's. The Boron looks the best on paper, however its nice 10 million price increase seems very step. I couldnt decide which to pick: one side you got an all rounder, the other you got more cost.

So after awhile I though.. ah sod it! I brought a Split Elephant - at 17 million its not bad for a TL. Having your own TL allows you to get stations from shipyards and just jump them to where you want, instead of waiting ages for a NPC TL to reach your location. It also like a home - a cheap mobile HQ. Here's my new TL:

Blog picture

The trouble now is money - station building is very expensive. However over time its profits will be good - especially if you make your complex require no input wares. The great thing about stations is that they always make money, whatever youre doing.

At the moment, my complex is simple 3 x Wheat Farm M in Three worlds. I didnt build these wheat farms for profit (although they do generate money) but for a boost to my rep - ships that land on your station give you a small rep boost.

I am now trying to expand on it by adding a 1MJ shield factory and all the other stations below. At-least now I can jump Wheat Farm L's now from distance shipyards with my TL.

For now ill stick with my Split Dragon as my main ship - it does every I want for now, plus its got the speed and a good frontal attack. However M7's are hard to kill with it.

X3TC » Roguey in Q. Trouble

Posted by Roguey on Monday 11th July, 2011 · Comment 0 comments

In the past few days ive restarted X3TC in vanilla, without any extra scripts. I started with the Bankrupt assassin and managed to get myself up-to a Split Dragon (M6). However when I do assassin missions, I now get 1 or 2 Xenon Q's! These Q's arent nice, they head directly for me!

My poor old Dragon cant take on one of them (maximum does like 10% shield damage) - basically they are too strong for my ship. The only way I get away from them is to either hide behind a station (in the vain hope they smash into it something) or keep jumping (hope a big ship comes).

Blog picture

I have enough money for a M6+ (Heavy) although I think ive decided on the Boron M6 Heavy - speed/turrets/turn speed. The Heavy Dragon looked interesting but the turrets seem to lack?

Oh, if you like to see my progress you can see it on my egosoft profile, here - as I will be updating it.

XREBIRTH » Come on ego, give us some news!

Posted by Roguey on Thursday 30th June, 2011 · Comment 1 comments

Is it me, or is there seem to be a big lack in news from egosoft about Rebirth? a few months ago we got some information and a short trailer. Maxxler gave us some more info by recording video footage of day 2 of Fedcon (which showed some alpha footage).

A month later we got some more information in the form of the X Universe news letter, however another month still nothing.

You would of thought by now there should of been some more news, pictures? Hopefully there be some more info on rebirth soon! Hopefully ego are planning to release bits of information rather than a hole load of stuff?

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