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DIABLO 3 » Wheres Roguey?...

Posted by Roguey on Friday 18th May, 2012 · Comment 0 comments

In the next few days you may wonder why Roguey has gone a bit quieter than normal.. well, the reason is that Diablo 3 came out. It seam it's a hard game to find: being sold out at so many places. One seller said in-stock within 3-5 weeks! However a few retailers are taking advantage of this, hiking the prices up-to £45+ (which is just crazy for a PC game). I understand a bit of a price hike, but £45+ just seems extreme!

Anyway... Ive had a few hours in it and things are kind-of strange.. The first thing to note is the graphics. They havnt changed the view (like Guildwars), so it plays much like Diablo 2 but with vastly improved graphics. Towns, dungeons etc. look very well done.

Blog picture

However, I am finding the skill system some-what confusing atm. In Diablo 2 when you levelled, you would gain a point to use on a skill, either to improve an existing one or to get a new one. However in Diablo 3 it looks like you simply given access to skills at certain levels. So this can make levelling not so exciting. I also remember being given attribute points in Diablo 2, where I could decide where to put them. Attribute points are still in the game, but it looks like it's automatically done now?

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I thought ill touch on the issue.. DRM. To me signing up online and requiring you to have an internet connection isn't too bad. Ive done this in countless games now: GTA4, Guild wars, X3AP/Steam etc. I know developers have a hard time with crackers, hackers etc. So asking for internet connection is much friendlier than some aggressive CD/DVD copy protection – as they always get broken given enough time and cause countless problems for people.
Well.. I need to spend some more time there.. Axe you later.. :P

Repairing a Denon RC-970

Posted by Roguey on Monday 23rd April, 2012 · Comment 0 comments

You may wonder what the heck is a Denon Dc-970.. well it's an old remote control for Denon A/V unit (AVR3805). Because the remote control is quite old now, it is much harder to find a replacement for it. So I decided to try and repair the unit after all of the lighted panels went out. This is what I did a while back: its took me awhile to get around to posting this.

The first part is actually getting the thing undone, as it's held by 8 clips. So the first thing to do is to undo all 8 clips, here:

Blog picture

This is quite hard to undo as each clip pretty hard to unleash. You also have to careful has the screw-driver could slip or mark the side of the remote. It took a while but in the end I got it undone. The next bit was easy, simply undoing the screws, so the front part of the remote comes away:

Blog picture

The lights dont work because some liquid got in-between the PCB and the plastic light panel; breaking the electrical contacts. The only way to fix this is by replacing the tape with special tape.

Blog picture

I used 3M 9703 Z-Axis Conductive Tape (from a eBay seller #250923556603). The tape wasnt has thick as the Denon stuff (the grey strips in the above picture), but if carefully layered became thick enough. This tape is special as it conducts electricity only in one direction.

Once all tape is replaced, its a case of putting the remote together again. After-which:

Blog picture

Before I started all the lights of the remote were out, but now most are working again. I guess I should be more careful with this remote in the future.

New compare program

Posted by Roguey on Thursday 23rd February, 2012 · Comment 0 comments

In the past ive relied on people feebck and the change list to update my stats. However with v2.0 due too, I wanted something better so I could update my stats easier, quicker and with more detail. So I set about creating a small program in VB to scan two CSV files and tell me all the differences.

My program can also understand the tships file, telling me the name of the ship and even what columns have changed. (v1.0 to v1.1):

Blog picture

Hopefully this should make updating much easier for me... Let the computer do all the hard work! :P

X3AP » A flash update

Posted by Roguey on Monday 20th February, 2012 · Comment 1 comments

You maybe wondering what ive been working on the past day, it is actually some flash code that displays the universe directly from the XML file that X3AP uses. The code only displays an universe map, however using the XML file it knows everything about the universe, so sector maps could also be done. Here's what it looks like atm.

Blog picture

I did not draw that map, nor put any of the links in - they are all worked out by the flash code. Another advantage to this is that it should work for all X-games. Scrolling is done via the cursor keys atm. Its crazy how fast my flash projects have been moving.. you could say.. in a flash...

A quick flash

Posted by Roguey on Thursday 16th February, 2012 · Comment 1 comments

I hate being beat, after my recent failure with flash. So I thought ill give Vectorian Giotto another go. After a short while I managed to create a small flash item that displayed the time. This was an major step forward than my last attempt, however Vectorian Giotto was crashing a lot - not the mention each time I tried to type something, I would trigger the hot-keys rather than type what I wanted.

This wasnt right, so had to find something else - Vectorian Giotto was basically not stable enough, and I felt it wasnt up-to the job (shame although). So google around for other alternates and came across FlashDevelop.

At first you are thrown into an editor - which is a bit overwhelming at first as if your learning the language, its very hard to know where to start. However I kept going and within a few hours I had created my time thingy in FlashDevelop:

Blog picture

It may not look much however this was in flash and used a timer to update the area, whilst moving it around and put an textbox there. I kept going thought a good next project would be new ship index flash. After a many hours, I manage to create it in flash (seen here).

What does this mean? well creating small pieces of flash. If everything goes well I might be able to make my own arcade games, however I feel that could be awhile away. However its all progress, which makes a nice change Smile

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