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ELITED » Docked at Jaques Station

Posted by Roguey on Friday 9th December, 2016 | Comment 0 comments

Around 9:40pm last night I completed the last part of my Colonia trip. This final run was between Polo Harbour to Jaques Station, which lasted around two and half hours. Jaques Station is around 4.7k ly from Polo Harbour. Generally this trip went fairly smoothly, apart from the route planner taking ages to work-out the path.

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The whole journey lasted just under 12 hours, which I think is pretty good (averaging 2,000ly per hour). Anyway, so im finally at Jaques Station, but having a rest for a few days.

ELITED » Made it to Gagarin Gate

Posted by Roguey on Thursday 8th December, 2016 | Comment 0 comments

On the 6th Dec (Tuesday night at around 10:45pm) I started the long journey to Colonia. Just after an hour I reached the first check-point - Hillary Depot (which is around 2,200ly from the home-bubble). So the next day Wednesday I carried on my journey.

The next place to reach was Amundsen Terminal (in Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10). This took around an hour and 10 minutes. I must admit my landing wasnt the best because there are some very large mountains which surround the base - making it tricky to land.

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After which it was time to travel to the next location - Eagle's Landing (Eagle Sector IR-W d1-117). This took another hour and 20 minutes. I did suffer some minor damage through this trip because I think I went too near a star. Nothing else bad happened and I reached the base.

So the final part of the journey on Wednesday was to reach Gagarin Gate (Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31 system). I did seriously consider going to Sacaqawea Space Port first but when looking at the map it seemed a little off-course, so I opted for Gagarin Gate instead. This was by far the worst part of my journey, as it lasted just under 4 hours alone!

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So yesterday I put in 6 hours, and managed to reach Gagarin Gate from Hillary Depot. The whole trip has been around 7 hours so far. I do hope to reach Colonia today.

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ELITED » First check-point reached

Posted by Roguey on Wednesday 7th December, 2016 | Comment 0 comments

So last night I started the long trip to Colonia. After an hour I managed to reach the first check-point or base at Blu Thua AI-A c14-10, A 4A (called Hillary Depot). This is around 2,200ly from the home bubble;

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So this puts me around 10% of the way of Colonia. Hopefully the trip will remain easy going. I want to say a big thanks to buht cheeks (I didnt pick the name) giving me advice on my youtube video. If progress remains at this rate, I should reach Colonia in 5 hours of game-play time. How that works out in real-life is another matter.

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ELITED » Heading to Colonia

Posted by Roguey on Tuesday 6th December, 2016 | Comment 0 comments

A few days ago I created a video saying that I was interested in traveling to Colonia (the new settlement which is around 22,000ly away from home area). After posting the video, a few commanders said I should make the journey. So for the past few days ive been preparing my ship for the long road ahead. The main thing I had to do is to boost the FSD range (originally I had 21y).

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After gaining favor with an engineer and getting him to upgrade my drive, I am now ready to head out. I will be using the following build, after I was advised by a couple commanders (in my Preparing for Colonia video). I now have a 50ly range, as I traded 5ly for an extra fuel tank.

So on the 6th Dec 2016, at 10:30pm - I am starting the long process from Deciat, to the first check-point at BLU THUA AI-A C14-10.

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Wish me luck,

ELITED » Reaching a billionaire

Posted by Roguey on Sunday 8th November, 2015 | Comment 0 comments

I know its been awhile since my last Elite: Dangerous blog; back in September when I reached the combat rank of Elite. However its been relativity quiet in Elite for me. The reason is that ive been working on my trade-rank, which has you can imagine is a grind. For this ive been using one of two trade routes, either; Bestii to LTT 8517 or Karid to Orang - both routes have their advantages and disadvantages (the Karid being faster but with less profit, whilst the Bestii run being slower but makes more profit). Sometimes its worth switching between the two because other players effect the runs (even in solo).

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So today ive finally hit one billion in my bank account... in Elite: Dangerous - it would of been good in real life of-course. I guess technically ive been a billionaire for awhile, as my net assets are worth 1,261 million. Some of that is tied up in the ship I fly. Its not a full A-class Anaconda but its fairly well equipped, being worth around 265 million (my anaconda build).

This puts me at around 104 million away from the Elite trading rank too, so hopefully ill be posting about that soon. Ideally I wanted to do that before v1.5 or horizons, but I think its unlikely with v1.5 beta due out this Monday or Tuesday. Well, atleast I have broken the back of the trade rank now - I will be glad when its done! I think afterwards I might switch to either Mobius or open and play with some of the smaller ships, or play some more CQC (yay im helpless).

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