Passenger missions

A new feature coming in 2.2 is passenger missions. These are a new set of new missions you can complete like those on the BBS board. Each passenger will have different requirements, some will only stay in luxury cabins, some dont want any hull damage, get near any fights or want to go sight-seeing, etc. Unlike standard missions you will need passenger cabins, to transport these people. Passenger cabins come in 4 variations - luxury, first class, business and economy. Passenger cabins can be fitted to most ships that can install class 4 or higher internal compartments, so the Beluga/Orca isnt required (just that those ships are better suited for these types of missions).

To access the passenger missions, you will need to go to the passenger lounge section once docked at an station;

The passenger lounge

On this page you will be given a list of all the available passenger missions.

Available passenger missions.

Bare in-mind there will be a range of missions; some requiring you to travel very long distances (1,000ls+) but you will be offered high rewards. Below is a video explaining about passenger missions in more detail;