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Combat role for the Viper Mk3 created by dew1960, 1 year ago.
Weapon Weapon mounts Priority Item Cost Power Mass
Gun mount noteNote: Underside left (C1)
Gun mount noteNote: Underside right (C1)
Gun mount noteNote: Top left (C2)
Gun mount noteNote: Top right (C2)
Utility Utility mounts Priority Item Cost Power Mass
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Sub-systems Sub-systems Priority Item Cost Power Mass
Bulkhead Re-enforcement -
Reactor (C3)
Thruster Mounting (C3)
Frame Shift Drive Housing (C3)
Environment Control (C2)
Power Coupling (C3)
Sensor Suite (C3)
Fuel Store/Tank noteNote: Default: Fuel-Tank (4) (C2)
Ship / cargo hatch 142,931cr -0.6MW 50t
Internal Internal Compartments Priority Item Cost Power Mass
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Shield (C3)
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Cargo (4) (C3)
Internal Compartment (C2)
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Discovery Scanner (C1)
Military slot (C3)
Cargo-bay Passenger cabins Thermal Kinetic Explosive
- - - -
Hull strength Shield strength Cost Power Mass
- -
FSD optimal mass boost Fuel-tank: - Insurance
Jump-range: - 0 cr

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