Asp Explorer

The Asp Explorer is a medium sized fighter that is also capable of long distance (28ly) trading (when equip with a fuel-scoop). It has one class 6 module which can be used for either a cargo module (64 units) or a stronger shield (a class 5 is fitted by default, but you can install a class 6). It has 6 forward mounted weapons, 2 on the top (left and right of the cockpit, both class 2) and 4 mounts on the underside (in two groups (left / right), all class 1. Gimbal weapon will work fine in all the mounts. When you first get an Asp you may not been all that blown away (if you have been using an Cobra MK3), however when the Asp is upgraded it starts leaving the Cobra behind. Upgrading the Asp can be expensive but are worthwhile. Thruster upgrade should be a must if you are using it for combat. I recommend using two pulse/burst weapons in the class 2 slots, and 4 multi-cannons in the lower banks. It can also do the job of the Type 6 but with armament.

Manufacturer Lakon Spaceways
Added in patch v1.0,+
Ship launched fighter No
Shields *standard shields, without boosters
(Extra mass doesnt effect strength)
Class 3E: 61.2MJD: 73.6MJC: 85.9MJB: 98.2MJA: 110.6MJ
Class 4E: 114.9MJD: 127.3MJC: 139.6MJB: 152.0MJA: 164.3MJ
Class 5E: 153.9MJD: 166.3MJC: 178.6MJB: 190.9MJA: 203.3MJ
Class 6E: 174.8MJD: 187.1MJC: 199.5MJB: 211.8MJA: 224.2MJ
Maximum speed 250m/s ( m/s with boost),
Manoeuvrability 4 (out of 10),
Price ship 6,661,153cr    where to buywhere to buy ship    where to buywhere to buy armour    where to buyship builds
Ship mass *ship only 280t
Weapon mounts
Gun mount noteNote: Underside, left Class 1
Gun mount noteNote: Underside, left Class 1
Gun mount noteNote: Underside, right Class 1
Gun mount noteNote: Underside, right Class 1
Gun mount noteNote: Top, left/right of Cockpit Class 2
Gun mount noteNote: Top, left/right of Cockpit Class 2
Utility mounts
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Bulkhead Re-enforcement -
Reactor Class 5
Thruster Mounting Class 5
Frame Shift Drive Housing Class 5
Environment Control Class 4
Power Coupling Class 4
Sensor Suite Class 5
Fuel Store/Tank noteNote: Default: Fuel-Tank (32) Class 5
Cargo hatch
Internal Compartments
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Cargo (32) Class 6
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Cargo (32) Class 5
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Shield Class 3
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Cargo (4) Class 3
Internal Compartment Class 3
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Cargo (2) Class 2
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Discovery Scanner Class 2
Adjustable statistics
Power usage
Total mass(Everything)
Fuel tank
Total cost
Insurance cost 0cr    
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Galileon avatar
Galileon  •  2 hours ago
This config. for the Asp Explorer is what I'm presently running. My last ship was a Keelback and good riddance!
This ship has the speed, jump range and jump distance to make it, IMHO, an excellent low cost ship for the Rare trade routes. With a cargo cap. of 112 tons there is no lack of space!
Jim60 avatar
Jim60  •  4 months ago
Hi dino927,
Are you new to ED? I haven't been playing long myself and been making good income purely from Mission Boards (I don't find the commodities makes a lot of profit) and sticking in one area is best, eventually becoming Allied to a faction. Then the higher paying jobs come in through the Mission Boards. I'm running an ASP Explorer for long distance (up to 500 ly) runs for the bigger jobs. I stack up jobs and they seem to all be quite close to the same regions. Maybe a couple of jumps away.
My AspE has only mine launchers and no offensive weapons. I find this perfectly adequate to deal with interdictions. They have to fly through my mines to get to me and by that time I've left and on the way to the next system and they are nursing a battered ship.
I've an A grade FSD to give my ship the legs and a decent fuel scoop to top up my extra tanks. The important items are all A grade and the rest are D to save on mass.
I usually run with 64T or maybe 72T cargo if I want to squeeze an extra load on.
Most runs give me a modest 15 million credits though some have been 25M.
I find I've gotten a bit addicted to these runs Big grin
Anyway, not sure if this is any help but please ask if there is anything you might want to know specifically. Like I say I'm reasonably new but would gladly help out where I can.
Jim60 avatar
Jim60  •  4 months ago
Nice site Roguey BTW Most informative.
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  5 months ago
@dino927 congratulations, at first you may not think the asp is much of an upgrade over the cobra but when you start upgrading it, it gets a lot better. as to what to upgrade, it depends on what you are using it for - trading, exploration or combat. Trading wise you either look at trading imperial slaves or rare goods. Exploration wont make you much money but the asp is more than capable of doing so. And as for combat, its a lot more riskier but a lot more fun. I usually the first thing I upgrade is the FSD.
dino927 avatar
dino927  •  5 months ago
@Roguey. First of all... Thanks. The first few trips out were indeed a challenge, especially as I had picked up a mission which attracted unwanted attention! My Cobra mkIII was fairly well spec'd so dropping defences and firepower was indeed a challenge. My main business at the moment is trying to maximise the profits by trading and the occasional mission. I agree that the FSD needed a boost and as my Cobra sold for over 20 mill I bought a 5A straight away so I am now jumping at over 20 full up (112 Tonnes).
I'm still struggling to get the balance right to support this set up so that I can effectively maximise trade vs having an effective defensive capability, but I'm sure it'll all become clear enough, soon enough....
Thanks again and love the site. I've used it for ages, but didn't realise the depth of information available.
Your fan... Cheers
dino927 avatar
dino927  •  5 months ago
I've just moved up from the Cobra Mklll, so money is an issue at the moment. I would really enjoy some practical top tips for me to change and slowly improve from where I'm at. Please, fire away guys.... Cheers