Diamondback Scout

The Diamondback Scout is the smaller version of the Diamondback, think of it as your budget version. It can make an excellent stealth fighter, due to its low heat output. It can be a fairly good explorer, but its no trader (due to the lack of internal compartments).

Manufacturer Lakon
Added in patch v1.3,+
Ship launched fighter No
Shields *standard shields, without boosters
(Extra mass doesnt effect strength)
Class 3E: 61.5MJD: 68.5MJC: 75.4MJB: 82.3MJA: 89.3MJ
Maximum speed 280m/s ( m/s with boost),
Manoeuvrability 5 (out of 10),
Price ship 461,342cr    where to buywhere to buy ship    where to buywhere to buy armour    where to buyship builds
Ship mass *ship only 170t
Weapon mounts
Gun mount Class 2
Gun mount Class 2
Gun mount Class 1
Gun mount Class 1
Utility mounts
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Utility Mount -
Bulkhead Re-enforcement -
Reactor Class 4
Thruster Mounting Class 4
Frame Shift Drive Housing Class 4
Environment Control Class 2
Power Coupling Class 3
Sensor Suite Class 2
Fuel Store/Tank noteNote: Default: Fuel-Tank (16) Class 4
Cargo hatch
Internal Compartments
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Shield Class 3
Internal Compartment Class 3
Internal Compartment Class 3
Internal Compartment noteNote: Default: Discovery Scanner Class 2
Adjustable statistics
Power usage
Total mass(Everything)
Fuel tank
Total cost
Insurance cost 0cr    
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Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  1 year ago
thanks for letting me know, its been updated.
Hardcard avatar
Hardcard  •  1 year ago
This ship has 4 weapon mounts, not 3.