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clock 4 years ago.
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Ok here goes having looked at rogueys guide on the Aran.

I have never used the unfocused jump.

I have assigned a key to unfocused jump (/).

but dont know what to do next do i actually need another jumpdrive ?

any help would be of great help. i'm a bit bored capping xenon and building fab's Big grin (only joking!!)

just being greedy !

thanks in advance.

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Do you have an unfocused jumpdrive? If not, then / will not jump you. You'll first need to acquire one during the PHQ side plot, the guide for which is also on this site.

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clock 4 years ago.
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Not started any plot at all.

oh well didn't want a aran Big grin

clock 4 years ago.
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i like the aran its great when you are capturing ship,call it in dock the captured ship in the aran jump it out.but it is expensive to repair it though once you get the aran.i fealt cheap and took like 2 days reping it on an off while watching movies.nut its a worth while ship none the less.

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Yup, you need to be given the unfocused drive from the PHQ plot (check your player inventory - where your police licenses are). After which you can jump to unknown space as long has jumpdrive on it, where a Aran may spawn.

clock 4 years ago.
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*may spawn - I will add here, I do the unfocused jump a few times here and there. never had the Aran yet.

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