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General news

PC» Steam Summer sale now on

Friday 20th June, 2014 | Posted by Roguey | Comment 0 comments

Just a quick post to let you know that Steam, Summer sale is now on. Be sure to check it out, as Steam usually has some deals during this peroid. The sale started yesterday, and ends on the 30th June. There is both 24 hour and 8 hour deals (as voted by you).

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PC» PvsZ & Battlefield 3 -

Sunday 1st June, 2014 | Posted by TheWhiteTiger | Comment 2 comments

The EA powered, Origin™, has been giving out some free games regularly in the last few months or "On The House" as they say, and so they have recently announced both Plants VS. Zombies™ and Battlefield 3™ as freebies, the latter was announced on the 29th of May and will only be available until the 4th of this month, while Plants vs Zombies which was placed even earlier last month will still be up for grabs until June 17th. So if you don't already have them, or at least one of them, you can do so now!


For more details about Origin's "On The House" promotion, click here. Note that you may have to download Origin (Software) in order to download and launch their games.

PC» UbiSoft weekend Steam sale

Saturday 22nd February, 2014 | Posted by Roguey | Comment 1 comments

At first it was excited to hear there is a sale on UbiSoft games this weekend. However.. shortly after looking I noticed most/all of them require uplay registration. I am not a fan of 3rd party DRM's on steam (especially those requiring you to register somewhere else). I feel its all extra programs (and layers of protection) which arent required on steam. I thought ill be honest and let you about uplay before-hand.

Have you tried uplay and had no problems, or lots? Let me know.

Anyway, if you are not put off by 3rd party DRM take a look; it might be the time to look for some deals?

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