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PC» Windows 10 launches today

Wednesday 29th July, 2015 | Posted by Roguey | Comment 4 comments

Well its been a long wait, but today is Windows 10 release date. If you havnt been notified to upgrade (after reserving the upgrade), dont worry - your in a queue (I bet you heard that before). The reason is that Microsoft can not handle the bandwidth requirements if everyone wanted to upgrade at the same time. So dont be surprised if you have to wait a couple of weeks before you can upgrade. However before upgrading I suggest you back things up - just encase.

News picture id 35

Windows 10 starts of a new era; with new ways of doing things, DirectX12, Internet Explorer being dropped (for in-favour of a new browser called Edge), a better start-menu (especially if you been running Windows 8.1), the stopping of biennial version numbers and countless more things. However im not going to bang on about the changes, because there are enough sites out there explaining it better than me.

If however you not seen the upgrade icon yet - then ive read that it will appear soon, so you can see why your pc isnt meeting the requirements. I have two PC's showing the icon, and another 2 not (so it will be nice to know what isnt meeting the requirements). I feel the Get Windows X tray icon should of appear either way.

So, have you been upgraded yet? or are you staying with Windows 7/8.1? or are you using something else?

Batman: Arkham Knight» Developer suspend PC sales

Thursday 25th June, 2015 | Posted by Roguey | Comment 2 comments

Just a couple of days ago, the new Batman: Arkham Knight was released. However instead of joy, many fans found choppy frame-rates (even on high-end equipment such as the Titan X, 980Ti etc.). This has lead to a massive amount of people posting negative reviews, so much that only around the 30% mark are positive.

News picture id 34

The developer has now suspended sales on Steam, asking people to either wait for a patch or to use the new Steam refund system to get their money back (more details here). Below is intro scene from the new Batman running on a 970GTX (not posted by me).

More salt was rubbed in, as the PS4 version runs smoothly and even has extra effects enabled. I also read that my old 680GTX (which can run most current games fine) is only capable of running Batman at low (due to the 2GB of VRAM). I know we seen quite a few bad launches from developers recently but I didnt think it would happen to such a large franchise. It is sad to see even the big AAA titles arent safe from buggy releases.

Guild Wars 2» Pricing on HoT causes problems

Sunday 21st June, 2015 | Posted by Roguey | Comment 0 comments

Just recently Arena-Net announced pricing on their new addon: Heart of Thorns. Shocked at first, Arena-Net are asking £35 for the basic, £60 for the deluxe and £80 for their ultimate edition. I never used to think add-ons used to be that expensive - its priced at the same as a new release.

News picture id 33

However on-top of the high pricing (which is bad enough), the add-on includes the original game for free. This is great for new players, because you can buy the add-on and have the full package. However if your an existing player and just want the add-on there is no option to upgrade. Arena-Net are not offering any compensation to existing players, since they brought the original game and would be nearly spending double buying the add-on. I cant but feel the add-on is seriously over-priced.

Many players (including myself) have taken to the forum to post their frustration on the official boards - shown here.

What you think of it all?

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