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Gaming news

PC» Steam 2014 Christmas sale started

Thursday 18th December, 2014 | Posted by Roguey | Comment 0 comments

Today Steam have started their 2014 Christmas sale. The Christmas sale is usually the best time to pick-up some games, due to large discounts. The featured section is usually the best deals.

Voting for the moment is delayed tomorrow, where a vote will reward you with a single Holiday Trading Card. I dont know if this will change to 3 votes per card, but its possible.

Anyway, enjoy Xmas

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PC» Steam auction started (13-18th Dec)

Saturday 13th December, 2014 | Posted by Roguey | Comment 0 comments

Today Steam have started a new Christmas event - Holiday auction. The idea behind this is to turn unwanted community items (such as trading-cards, backgrounds, emoticons etc.) into gems. The gems then can be used to bid on certain games.

However.. before you get too excited, the average trading-card is worth around 15-20 gems and backgrounds/emoticons around 60-100 (well according to what I have in my inventory). Most of the games have bids over 5,000+ gems! So it is very unlikely id be able to bid on anything.

So unless im missing something, this event is only going to be interesting for a very select few.

The Steam auction didnt begin with best of starts either, as Steam were forced to shutdown the event due to people finding ways to expoit the system.

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[Update] It looks like the games are now around 30,000+ gems each - crazy!

Guild Wars 2» Disappointed future

Friday 22nd August, 2014 | Posted by Roguey | Comment 1 comments

Over at guildmag they recently asked the community to send in questions, to put to developers (at Gamescom 2014). Amongst the questions were things such as daily achievement cap, camera views, precursor crafting, super Adventure Box etc. Seen below;

However after watching the interview it kindof made me feel disappointed about the future Guild Wars 2. A lot of the answers were either; we cant say, or not at this time - including precursor crafting.

Awhile back I started to make a legendary weapon when I got brick-walled by the precursor. Ive tried maybe x300-500 rares and 40-50 exotics with no luck at the mystic forge. After all the effort, I just had to gave-up on it (with 3/4 parts complete).

It seems their main focus is the living story; which for me has been a bit of let-down. Each part is completed in just a couple of hours, with no chance of getting any real loot for your troubles (I really hate loot-less monsters). After that, you have replay it to tempt the achievements. Sure the map has changed a little, but it doesnt really effect the daily grind in GW2 (which they promised it wouldnt be at the start).

For a game getting to the 2 year mark, it kind-of needs a new place, more loot and a bigger choice of weapons/skins. I really hope they are working on either Cantha or Elona.

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