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General news

PC» UbiSoft weekend Steam sale

Saturday 22nd February, 2014 | Posted by Roguey | Comment 1 comments

At first it was excited to hear there is a sale on UbiSoft games this weekend. However.. shortly after looking I noticed most/all of them require uplay registration. I am not a fan of 3rd party DRM's on steam (especially those requiring you to register somewhere else). I feel its all extra programs (and layers of protection) which arent required on steam. I thought ill be honest and let you about uplay before-hand.

Have you tried uplay and had no problems, or lots? Let me know.

Anyway, if you are not put off by 3rd party DRM take a look; it might be the time to look for some deals?

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PC» Steam xmas sale now on

Thursday 19th December, 2013 | Posted by Roguey | Comment 0 comments

Like clockwork, the steam Christmas sale as now started! It will last until 3rd January with daily deals (that change every 24 hours) and flash deals (that change every 8 hours). Hopefully this will give you the chance to pick-up some some great bargains, or missed opportunities. If you have any suggestions, why not post them in the comments?

To mark the event, steam have created a new badge; Snow Globe badge. This can be crafted with 10 new trading cards, multiple times.

Happy Christmas everyone Xmas

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PC» Steam Autumn sale 2013 starts

Thursday 28th November, 2013 | Posted by Roguey | Comment 5 comments

Over on steam the first of the Autumn sales has started, running between 27th of November to 3rd of December. I believe there will be a second sale will start between 19th December to January the 2nd (although this is just a rumour from a leaked picture, so this could be wrong). If you have any suggestions for games to pick-up, why not leave your suggestion below?

ps. any body know why steam nav-bar is at the bottom of the page, up-side-down?

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