Space Run» Reviewed

Saturday 26th September, 2015 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments ·
Its been awhile since my last game review, however after picking the title Space Run, I felt it was time to do another. Click the picture for the full review;


PC» Recreation of the Enterprise D

Saturday 26th September, 2015 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments ·
Hopefully most of you heard of Star-trek - the long running sci-fi series. Well one person has took it upon himself to recreate the whole Enterprise D from Star-trek: The next generation, using the Unreal engine. What is remarkable is that they are building the whole ship - every 42 decks! So you will be able to look around every nook and cranny, even the toilets! Of course some of the major places have already been done, such as the bridge;

News picture id 36

In the future, thye plan to populate the ship (with NPC's), and maybe the possibility of online play. This sounds like a very interesting project to keep an eye on. For more information see project site -

PC» Windows 10 launches today

Wednesday 29th July, 2015 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 4 comments ·
Well its been a long wait, but today is Windows 10 release date. If you havnt been notified to upgrade (after reserving the upgrade), dont worry - your in a queue (I bet you heard that before). The reason is that Microsoft can not handle the bandwidth requirements if everyone wanted to upgrade at the same time. So dont be surprised if you have to wait a couple of weeks before you can upgrade. However before upgrading I suggest you back things up - just encase.

News picture id 35

Windows 10 starts of a new era; with new ways of doing things, DirectX12, Internet Explorer being dropped (for in-favour of a new browser called Edge), a better start-menu (especially if you been running Windows 8.1), the stopping of biennial version numbers and countless more things. However im not going to bang on about the changes, because there are enough sites out there explaining it better than me.

If however you not seen the upgrade icon yet - then ive read that it will appear soon, so you can see why your pc isnt meeting the requirements. I have two PC's showing the icon, and another 2 not (so it will be nice to know what isnt meeting the requirements). I feel the Get Windows X tray icon should of appear either way.

So, have you been upgraded yet? or are you staying with Windows 7/8.1? or are you using something else?

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