Happy christmas 2013, round-up of 2013

Tuesday 24th December, 2013 Comments 7 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
What a year its been... 2013 been a busy time for many, from testing, gaming and coding. This year when seen some big releases in gaming such as Tomb Raider, Saints Row 4, Grand Theft Auto 5, Gran Turismo 6 and finally X-Rebirth.

Its a shame what as happened to X-Rebirth, from its big released to the back-lash from the community. I was kind-of expecting things to go like that, but I thought id try and help smooth things over by making guides and videos. I wasnt sure if it was just me who didnt 'get' the game. I dont know where Egosoft go from here, simply fixing bugs isnt going to change the basic game. According to them its took them 7 years to build, which makes me feel that it will probably take them a long time to improve the game (maybe im wrong), although money isnt endless. During the past few weeks I seen a massive drop in traffic; nearly back to what it was before XR release. I even increased the host-package to keep up with the extra load, but now we running within the old package.

This puts me in a uncertain position. I been long-term backer of the x-community from X2, but now it doesnt feel like things are too bright at the moment; Constant reviews hitting between 2 to 4 (out of 10), an angry community and staff being worried to post. I really hope egosoft havnt put X-Rebirth in the steam sale, as I can see another back-lash if so. I know I havnt helped at sometimes, and apologize for that. Now we getting on for 6 weeks later and not much as changed. Ive stopped posting on official boards and emailing - doesnt seem much point any-more. Most of ive posted seems to have disappeared into a black-hole.

This site will go on, where I dont know at the moment. I really hope this isnt the end of egosoft, but I wouldnt be surprised either. I know its not probably something you want to hear, but Ive always felt I should be honest and open with you guys. Hopefully you appreciate that.

So, from me personally; have a Happy christmas and a Happy new year! Banana music Xmas Banana Dance

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Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  3 years ago
@birdtable hmm.. I just looked and it appears so;


I dont think it will be in the steam sales although. The reason I think why is that the leaked document (about the sales) was awhile back (before XR release). So they wouldnt be planning on reducing its price before its release surely? I guess we have no idea why Gamersgate have reduced it? I guess Gamersgate is a bit like steam?
AlexanderSziller avatar
AlexanderSziller  •  3 years ago
I really enjoy X Rebirth and I totally love it. But I somehow understand people who dislike it. Its different - and most important, its personal. Comparing to other games, you have to guide your ships yourself; you have to get crew yourself; you have to build stations yourself; you have to be present anywhere where you want something to be done.

Some might not enjoy this, but I do. Iam a student, I dont play games that much. So I want to enjoy that little time I got as much as possible.

In Rebirth, Iam crowded with activities, like exploring and building and coordinating my stuff. Thats how I like it. I like that X Rebirth has to be played actively - instead of the system of previous games, where you were active only when you played missions and you were fighting.

In short, X Rebirth is a different game, exactly as they promised. Somebody might dislike it; somebody might love it. I totally love it.

Well, merry christmas dudes and happy new year. May Egosoft fix their bugs so they can start adding content as soon as possible.
birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Well it is 11:18 am and I am full of Xmas bubbly ...
birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Well it appears no one is here .. Drank my bubbly ... ate my dinner ...drank my red wine ... cheerful now ... enjoyed the bubbly so much just ordered a case ... will regret expense tomorrow .... even restarted (again) Rebirth .... All is good ... It is 15:45 ... Waiting to have some pud but my wife has said " You cannot be hungry" so will have to wait a bit longer .... Merry Christmas.
birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Well ... Shit has hit the fan ... XRebirth £20 on Gamersgate ...
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birdtable  •  3 years ago
Merry Christmas Eve Roguey .. Get drunk, eat to much and forget Ego for 48 hrs.
thedesertwolf avatar
thedesertwolf  •  3 years ago
If it's any consolation we've got folks starting up complete overhaul projects already to act as a damage control for the excessive amount of bad. Have found a handful of folks to help me do some massive reworking on the English end of the voice acting and others attempting to figure out how to make the UI well... not bad.

Keep your chin up, have a blast during the holiday season and hell, get ready for a rocking new year!