10th year anniversary competition #1

Monday 19th January, 2015 Comments 10 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Back in December you may of heard that the site reached 10 years. In celebration I have been gathering a few games for a give-away (via Steam). For the next couple of weeks, I plan to give-away a free game to a lucky member, drawn from a free-prize draw.

All you need to do is to comment on this news-post (on the site, not Facebook) with :10years in your message (please make sure you put a space before the two dots, so the emoticon shows correctly). I will close the draw on Sunday (25th), where one person will be selected from a box. On the Monday afterwards I will start another give-away, where you need to re-enter.

For my first give-away - Tomb Raider GOTY Edition

News picture 87


- You must be 18 or over to enter (since this game has a 18 certificate),
- You must be able to receive the prize in your area and will need a steam account,
- There is no cash prize alternative, if the winner can not accept the prize then another will be chosen at random,
- I take no responsibility for any problems, technical support required. Its your responsibility to make sure you have a computer good enough and that it will run correctly,
- One entry per person, multiple entries could see your name removed from the draw,
- Family members of the site can not enter,
- This is a free-prize draw,

The winner will be contacted via email, for their steam account details. After-which the above prize will be sent.

By entering into this competition, you agree with all the above rules.

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Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  2 years ago
This completion is now closed...


Next completion opens tomorrow.
MacRaven avatar
MacRaven  •  2 years ago
I just want to thank baby Jesus and Elite Dangerous.....LOL just kinding.No really thanks Roguey this is awesome
Mayak avatar
Mayak  •  2 years ago
The 10th year nice one! :-)
WinkyWoofWoof avatar
WinkyWoofWoof  •  2 years ago
happy 10th anniversary
MacRaven avatar
MacRaven  •  2 years ago
Good job on the The 10th year bud
TC Mahmut Ferit avatar
TC Mahmut Ferit  •  2 years ago
Hi Roguey;
I want to congratulate yours 10th year anniversary.
I hope I will congratulate 15th, 20th, ... etc anniversaries Smile
rivasilvercrown avatar
rivasilvercrown  •  2 years ago
Congratulations! There are not many webpages that make the big 10... Now let's go for the next anniversary Wink The 10th year
TheWhiteTiger avatar
TheWhiteTiger  •  2 years ago
Happy Anniversary Smile
Tarzan avatar
Tarzan  •  2 years ago
Awesome! The 10th year
jack775544 avatar
jack775544  •  2 years ago
Woo The 10th year
Even though I might not comment very much on your posts Roguey I do read most of the stuff that you upload to the site. Good to see you are still going strong after all this time.