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Kepler  •  1 week ago  •  Argon Heavy Centaur
At a glance it has super wide turret coverage! Looks like a perfect M6 for people who want to play relaxed because wide turret coverage means any missile coming toward you can be intercepted by your turrets. It's especially good when you have to deal with lethal enemy gang and you head for the most deadly enemy, some fuckers will surely launch everything they have to you. It's no problem, let your turret take those down for ya. Maybe, them too.
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ParanoidMike  •  1 week ago  •  Pirate Blastclaw Prototype
Great as a personal ship. Fill it up with ammo and energy cells and it's a formidable ship to scout the universe. Managed to get this ship from a pirate protecting a Brigantine.
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TheWhiteTiger  •  2 weeks ago  •  Merry Christmas and a happy new year
Happy Holidays!!
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QuarryMan71  •  2 weeks ago  •  bounty hunter (Ship build)
The Power Coupling is wrong needs more power for thrusters....
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jpgiergiel  •  3 weeks ago  •  battlestar python (Ship build)
Untried i suspect, as Python cannot take fighters

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Dubrowsky  •  3 weeks ago  •  Python
Beautiful ship
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MacRaven  •  3 weeks ago  •  Merry Christmas and a happy new year
Merry Christmas boys and girls and Happy holidays
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dew1960  •  3 weeks ago  •  Python Combat (Ship build)
Eh, nevermind - too pricy and my vulture is more fun in combat.

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