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Hen_Sermennet  •  3 weeks ago  •  asp fast delivery & commuting (Ship build)
Please delete this...
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Hen_Sermennet  •  3 weeks ago  •  asp delivery & commuting (Ship build)
Not Combat, Exploration...
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Kepler  •  3 weeks ago  •  Argon Sirokos
What a waste of missle launchers. Sirokos has 16 missle launchers and it can only fire Boarding Pod and Mosquito Missile.
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knellcast  •  4 weeks ago  •  anaconda long-jump bus (Ship build)
With engineer boosted to rank3, i got 31Ly max rang
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Galileon  •  1 month ago  •  Asp Explorer
This config. for the Asp Explorer is what I'm presently running. My last ship was a Keelback and good riddance!
This ship has the speed, jump range and jump distance to make it, IMHO, an excellent low cost ship for the Rare trade routes. With a cargo cap. of 112 tons there is no lack of space!
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Ga1erak  •  1 month ago  •  python (Ship build)
Fighter hanger? Python? good luck Wink
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Scott  •  1 month ago  •  tank combat (Ship build)
Turret help keep of taget when you are after him . Takes a beating but keeps on ticking
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Galileon  •  1 month ago  •  mine keel (Ship build)
Need to up the size of your limpet controller, with only one limpet you'll be there all day to fill that 64 tons of cargo capacity.

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