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takoller  •  1 month ago  •  Egosoft announce X4 is in development
With only gamepad support, no proportional joystick support, I have *zero* interest. Now if they changed that, maybe. But Elite: Dangerous is sooooo good.

I have to add this, if it runs on SteamOS, I will be very interested. Winblows is extremely frustrating.

And Rougey, no matter how well you do anything, there will be people on your case for something. Real or imagined. If you do well, you will have more supporters than not.

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AlexTorres  •  1 month ago  •  Egosoft announce X4 is in development
Since I'm not a higher up in the community, I'm still a little unclear as to the specifics that drove you away. All I can say is you're missed and we'd be excited to have you back to your good ole days level of involvement. Your site's a huge resource and your input has benefited the X games immensely. I'm VERY excited about an X4 game, and I think part of the reason that's happening is because Egosoft realized that as much as they may want to go in a different direction with a game, that game's success will still depend on the community that supports it.

Especially now with ever growing competition in the space sim genre, I just don't think Egosoft can pull off competing with games like Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen (whenever that finally releases properly) if they continue in the Rebirth direction. The X games are the most unique, fun, and addicting games I've ever played, and as much as I respect Egosoft branching out, the community's going to be their strength in recovering from the negative perception that came from Rebirth.

I respect the stand you took for the community when you decided to leave it. As much as it made me sad, sometimes it takes a big move like that to show people that a change has to be made. Hopefully there's enough of a change to inspire you to come back and be part of said change.
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MrHewitt  •  2 months ago  •  Terran Xperimental Shuttle
I had to create this account to comment on this excellent little ship, my favourite personal flier across 1100+hrs of game. Once I got it, I found it hard to carry on to the next stage of the game and being forced to surrender it to the proper authorities. It has great speed (a match for nearly every M4 and a lot of M5s!), a pretty decent cargo hold, useful for picking up all the loot (except for XL items like Carrier/Destroyer class weapons). It's agility and weapon concentration makes short work of EVERYTHING, especially once you realise it has completely superfluous shields.

Oh, yeah - that's right, this tiny little ship can take on any class of ship you care to name. In my latest play I have used it to destroy:

113 Xenon Q
Duke's Haven (once)
OTAS HQ (once)
Jonferco HQ (once)
Argon Federal Argon Shipyard (once)
12 Pirate Brigantine
58 Carrack
2 Titan
11 K
11 J
1 I

Among many, many others. In doing so I have amassed a fortune enabling the purchase of a small fleet of useful ships for the next stage and have no intention of stopping.

Basically, they made this thing indestructable and I am milking it.
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gbjbaanb  •  2 months ago  •  Egosoft announce X4 is in development
Frankly, I wouldn't worry about coming back to the X3 thing, only stupid people would be unhappy to see you, and we don't care what they think!

Like the prodigal son, I would say you'd be welcomed back with open arms. Rebirth affected a lot of us badly, I recall being so excited I was almost sick - it was hyped up so much, so very very much, as the next big thing, and we all took the hints and dreams from egosoft to heart so much that when Rebirth was unveiled, it was like some sort of sick joke.

Nobody would blame any of us for being so utterly disappointed. So now they're making good, well, fine - I will not hold a grudge against them and will hope that they pull it out of the hat. So come back and see what happens. Your contributions were awesome to X3.

Still, more realistic expectations until they deliver, but I am hopeful.
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edqe  •  2 months ago  •  Egosoft announce X4 is in development
Good to see finally some communication but hopefully there will be much more and much more frequently. It is also excellent news that they have chose Vulkan for their next engine.

Otherwise there doesn't seem to be much new information other than VR-version and confirmation the next game is going to be X4 and not X Rebirth 2.

I think Egosoft should have spend more time making sure X Rebirth wasn't suppose to be X4 but a different kind of X-game. They tried to explain that but the message still didn't go through.

The community didn't seem to be strong in the first place because one release could bring it down although bad communication didn't help the situation either.
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dew1960  •  2 months ago  •  imperial assault (Ship build)
Bump thruster down to 3D to make it within power usage max and better jump range.
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dew1960  •  2 months ago  •  Imperial Courier
Mission Courier Ship
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JakeValence  •  2 months ago  •  cobra mk iii (Ship build)
Going to try this on my cobra

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