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The idea behind creating a self-sustaining complex is that needs no resources (money or wares) once its started. Making a self-sustaining complex can be costly due to the amount of stations required. You will need usually the following types of stations:

Step 1 - The Energy Loop

<Stuff about making an energy cell surplus here>

This in itself is a self sustaining complex, the end product being energy cells. As energy cells are a component in every self sustaining complex, this is a reasonable place to start. However, this is not a particularly profitable enterprise for sale, as energy cells cost little per unit requiring many freighters to unload.

NB. If after step 3 you have an energy defect, add a second energy loop (or as many as needed to make up the difference).

Step 2 - The Final Product

<add the final products you wish>

Step 3 - Support Stations

The final product stations will have certain requirements. The next step is to add stations that full fill those requirements, and stations to satisfy those stations' requirements etc etc until you're left with just a requirement for energy. This can be solved with the energy loop from step 1

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