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Posted by PuppyOfWar on Friday 17th February, 2012 | Comment 2 comments


In the beginning...

    "Ha ha ha" the digits cackled with glee while the variables danced and twirled.

    "Let's make life" a whisper rustled among the equations.

    "And in our infinite playfulness" added the ghost in the machine, "let us teach them to love to live, that they may wish to persist with us for all time."

    "We will forever exist side by side, the flesh and the formulae."

    It shall be done, concluded logic.

    Suddenly/always the voice of all that is known spoke, splitting the nothingness, tearing a hole into existence             from the void, stating simply:

    "E = mc ^ 2"

...and there was light.

My game at approximately 3 days 16 hours.
I have had a headquarters for about 2 hours at this point.

Blog picture

Blog picture

My main product for export to the X-universe is death, delivered in packages labelled 'Retribution'.

Business is looking good.

X3 » Introduction, and X3 Reunion stuff

Posted by NetHawk on Monday 9th May, 2011 | Comment 1 comments

Ok, this seems to be my first blog entry. Well hello to everyone who reads this, and without bothering you too much, this is what's going to be happening around here: I'm going to ramble about anything I feel about.
Sounds good doesn't it?

A couple of things I want to tell everyone, first off, If you like anything I create, please drop by and say hello.
Seondly if you DON'T like something, or would change something, drop by, say hello, explain what and why you would change it. Maybe I'll feel the same way, or maybe I'll make a special version for that.
Thirdly, I will NOT bother scripting for TC. I haven't played it, and unless it gets ported to linux I probably won't. For this matter I cannot be bothered to script for it.
And lastly, I will keep my scripts working for Roguey's Mod WITH classic rules.
Now this might seem strange, but when I won't have much choice but decide on particular stuff, I will work for that. My stuff will be probably working with anything else, but might be a little un-balanced. Every mod and script that is tailored to these will have it noted IN the readme and in the description.

I guess that's it for introduction, now to the beef.
I'm waiting to get a working (WINE or otherwise) external script editor, since the in-game is painfully slow, and I simply cannot be bothered to use it (how did you folks get the nerves for that is beyond me). In this time, I will post here what will be created, Also I'll make forum posts on scripts/mods so you can comment and maybe correct me when I'm completely wrong. And that can happen Big grin

Another thing we've been talking around here is a What-The-Ship magazine. Now we have 4 implementation ideas so far. And would REALLY appreciate input from you folks.
Head over to the forum, under Roguey's X3 Mod, there is the What-The-Ship magazine topic.

Ok that's it for now, I might drop by later and give more details if anything gets a more real form.
PS: Almost forgot, you can join the chat on IRC, the server is irc.wyldryde.org, channel #Rogueys. This is also available from the web-paga, look up in the menu for "Chat".

Have fun everyone!

X3 » supid fire nova

Posted by jacer08 on Monday 7th February, 2011 | Comment 1 comments

i would just like to retell my first death becuase it's BS!

so i'm flying along, harassing freighters, having a good time, when i get like 4 missiles fired at me out of nowhere. next thing i know i'm under attack by a nova mk1 and an escort of split scorpions(m4 i think). no big deal, i take out the escorts, and then toy around with the nova for a little while, hopeing to cap it, when i get more HEPT fire from the back. so now there's a fire nova on me to, and here's where it gets interesting. as soon as i get him locked in, to deal with this guy he runs into me, and i die of course.


X3 » starting fresh

Posted by jacer08 on Sunday 6th February, 2011 | Comment 1 comments

about to start a new Khaak game in V3.3(beta) of rougey's mod. i've reinstalled X3 from steam, so that i have a fresh game directory to run the mod. the only thing other than the game, is the egosoft bonus pack, which shouldn't cause any problems.

unfortunately it's getting late so i probably won't play much tonight.

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