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Free ships spoiler

Here is a list of where to get the free ships (updated with a v3.1 game):

Ship Sector Sector x/y Cords in Sector (km)
Advanced Perseus Duke's Citadel 12, 15 (42km, -0.2km, 31km)
Toucan Hauler Menelaus Frontier 4, 1 (43km, -7km, 35km)
Buster Sentinel Akeela's Beacon 9, 7 (100km, -10km, -77km)
Mamba LooManckStrat's Legacy 10, 11 (-12km, 1km, -19km)
Buster Sentinel Treasure Chest 15, 7 (-32km, -5.4km, -33km)
Enhanced Pericles Savage Spur 1, 8 (44km, 9km, -28km)
Pirate Advanced Eclipse Ocracoke's Storm 1, 9 (30km, -1.5km, -8km)
Pirate Elite Gaian Star 18, 10 (66km, 0km, -10km)
Skate Prototype Menelaus' Oasis 19, 16 (38.5km, 1km, 32.5km)
Advanced Barracuda Hila's Joy 18, 4 (-33km, 1.5km, 36km)
Mako Raider Depths Of Silence 1, 14 (2.3km, -0.7km, 40km)
Buzzard Hauler Tkr's Deprivation 16, 4 (-4.2km, -58m, 62km)
Pericles Vanguard Unknown Sector 8, 16 (13km, 17.3km, -27km)
Harrier Sentinel The Vault 14, 1 (-18km, -0.375m, -51.6km)
Iguana Vanguard Family Whi 7, 1 (38km, 0km, 35.5km)
Falcon Sentinel Unknown Sector 17, 1 (-20km, 3km, 2km)
Scorpion Raider Xenon Sector 101 6, 8 (20km, 0km, 61.6km)
Eclipse Unknown Sector 3, 17 (-7km, -13.5km, 37.5km)
Blastclaw Prototype Veil of Delusion 17, 17 (47.6km, 3.5km, -41.5km)

(Sector coordinates start from 1,1)