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Case 9 Studios : Launches Renegade Mod Project

Monday 8th September, 2003 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by Stryker, .

Stryker, Case 9 Studios is Space Age mod's work place (like WestWood Studios), the team is currently in the process of putting together a mod team to create "Space Age : Rise of the Aliens" mod for Renegade. 

This is the mod site, currently down for updates and should be up sometime soon.
The main site is here:
But currently is under construction.
You can access the forums here:
Most if not all of the mod will be in space, with space stations and spaceships.

United Earth Federation VS Kryton Star Empire
      Earth : Human        Kryton : Alien

Case 9 Studios also need some people to join the mod team.

Currently the mod has some spots filled already.
If your a good at,

Gmax moddeler (make structures, guns, tanks, etc)
Mapper (make maps)
Skinner (skins stuff)
Scripter (write scripts for the mod)

The mod team is also looking for people with PHP knowledge (website stuff)
for .

But what the team doesnt have yet is a Sound/Music Artist, if your really good at that please email these two in charge.

Stackout : Infiints e-mail is

-Case 9 Studios- Seth :

The team is looking for grade A people who know their stuff, if your interested please email them.


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