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Harvard Bonin Interviewed.

Friday 12th September, 2003 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by Mats0174, .

JCal from HomeLanFed recently conducted an interview with Generals' and Zero Hours producer, Harvard Bonin. Here's a select bit:

HomeLAN - What are your favorite missions in Zero Hour?

Harvard Bonin - There a few actually. I really like the GLA missions, one of which involves island hopping and eventually the sinking of a US aircraft carrier. In another the player must take on Prince Kassad and reunify the GLA in Cairo. I also like some USA missions, one of which makes the player protect a large oilfield in Iran. All in all, I?m very happy with the mission quality. The designers really did a great job.

HomeLAN - What gameplay improvements in the expansion pack do you consider to be important?

Harvard Bonin - I mentioned a couple before, like the ?retaliation? behavior. There are a number of other options that really refine the experience. One of the best things we?ve done is really improve the Skirmish AI. We were happy with it in Generals but this time we?ve really worked hard on it. I think players will see a significant difference and will like it.

The rest of the interview includes some chatter about graphics, gameplay improvements and of course, how can it be forgotten, the usual "What's Your Favourite Unit?" question! You can read this and more here.

Also, on a minor note, I won't be around for the weekend (AARGH! Stop hitting me already!), but I can assure you this is the last time I have vacation!


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