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Hurricane Juan leaves its mark on Nova Scotia.

Wednesday 1st October, 2003 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by BobaDeath, .

Incase you missed the news , on Sunday Night Hurricane Juan made direct landfall on Nova Scotia , specifically Halifax. It was the worst storm to hit Nova Scotia in a Century.End result was 180km/per hour winds and a storm surge(with a incoming hightide) 5-15 M waves. Halifax atm is a warzone period. Trees and power lines are everywhere, and even now 180,000 people are still without power since Sunday night and aren't expecting power for several more days. Saint Marys has cancelled classes for this week and I'm currently at home till Sun. Hopefully by then my pictures will be done and I'll post them so you can see the damage. The comp I'm currently using has no ICQ or MSN so I can only post on Ammo for communitication. Hopefully everything will be back to normal on Monday. Till then BobaDeath out.


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