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Another resignation.

Monday 6th October, 2003 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by Mats0174, .

This is becoming standard news nowadays. In the past, when one left the community, everyone would be shocked for like 2 weeks. Now it's becoming normal, not really a good change. Today we lost Genocide and his famous mod Warpath to a hacker.

Im sorry to tell the Entire C&C Renegade community that WW2 : Warpath , CNC Warpath or Warpath whatever you knew it as , has finally ended in more than a total shame, This morning i turned on my computer to find that it formatted itself, i dont download malicious files of any sort so i dont know how this would of come to, im guessing i was hacked and that these people dont have anything better with themselfs .

Because of this 80% of Warpaths files were wiped , Renegade is slowly being taken over by the many new coming games but C&C Communitys Stick together, the other day i was playing C&C 95 , What ever happens please stick together, the C&C Community Really needs eachother no matter what happens and whoever hates who.

I was a leader that had very good Stamina but maybe i just didnt have what it took to purge a great success , altho we did create some un-missable things such as Attack Dogs which im sure we will give to the community!

Listen , just look forward to up-coming mods which to my knowlage the two best are CNC Reborn, Renegade Alert, i bet u never thought ud hear me big up other mods huh?, well i am because they keep the community strong.

Everyone please i am sorry and i take all actions to my account as i will also be resinging from the community aswell, as for my staff , please you have too much talent to just leave youself's , move on and become massive successes .

Well i guess if u want to ask me anything please do here :

I guess maybe one day u will see me play C&C Renegade, Cyas! '(

Another good modder AND another good mod leaving, so sad.


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