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Blaze & Jelly has Released Anti-Cheat program ahead of RenGuard!

Tuesday 7th October, 2003 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by Stryker, .

                -=|AntiCheat 3.0|=-
                -=|Blaze & Jelly Mods|=-
Blaze-Main Modder/mapper
Jelly- Skinner/modder/mapper/Public relations

Blaze and Jelly Mod team creators of Paintball Mod, Renegade Unleashed and Chicken Mod have created a fully working anti-cheat! After months of fixing bugs and other small problems they are ready to give this to public servers. This anti-cheat stops ALL final renegade files and any edited Objects.ddb etc. The creators of this mod would like to thank Wu-CEO (creator of final renegade) for helping them learn how to do things and
allowing this team to help the renegade community. Just extract the file to your renegade data folder and join a server with the anticheat on it.

If any bugs are found please send reports to this is checked about every 6 hours if not sooner.
We hope this will stop the renegade cheating as much as possible and as soon as

Final Renegade 2.0 is released sadly sometime this month the team will be right there ready
to update.

To server admins host this file as a mod which is very simple as I'm sure you know.


Thanks to PhireJZ ( and STT clan for their help with hosting and mirrors

-=|Download here|=-

================Go grab it and frag n00bs cheat-free!-Stryker


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