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Blitzkrieg Down Indefinitely

Thursday 9th October, 2003 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by BobaDeath, .

Another C&C site is down but not due to lack of attention: Blitzkrieg 2 site down indefinitely. A few hours ago, GameSpy nuked our site and pulled our hosting. They did this because they found a copy of the Half-Life 2 source code uploaded to our site. Apparently, a staff member of mine uploaded the file to the site. However, we did not have a download link for that on our site or forums for the source. While doing routine checks on their hosted sites, GameSpy found the file and promptly nuked our entire site. I understand their need to remove the file, since it potentially could have placed them in legal troubles. I am very upset that a staff member of mine would abuse their privileges like this. Either way, our site will be down indefinitely. I am guessing that we will have some temporary forums set up for staff (and possibly the public) sometime within a week or two. We are currently looking for a new host, and if you are interested you can contact me at smurfbizkit[at]email[dot]com. This may seem like a major blow to the mod, as well as a major setback. That isn't the case; the mod itself isn't set back much at all. As far as the site goes, we have backups. Again if you are a good, stable host you can contact myself at smurfbizkit[at]email[dot]com Sad to see this happen with the recent HL 2 leak, but at lease the mod is still alive...


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