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CnC Sector will cease updates on their site until the next CnC Game is announced!

Thursday 13th November, 2003 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by Stryker, .

All hear this all hear this, incoming transmission from CnC Sector....
EVA Updating...
Access Granted...


As of Monday 22nd September 2003, we'll be ceasing all updates to the site. This includes downloads, content updates and news updates, the whole nine yards. This will remain in operation until the next CNC game is announced.

Why you ask? Well Generals hasn't lived up to my standards of a 'true' CNC game, and Zero Hour certainly won't.. obviously as a webmaster, you need a certain amount of motivation to keep you going on running/operation the site, and.. well, Generals has killed that.

The site will remain online to view, and we'll keep the forums online for a period of time. Its been fun.. it really has, but its not right to keep doing something for a game I don't truly regard as a CNC.. that may sound weird but thats how it is.

Goodbye and see you when the next CNC game is announced, lets hope that is better than Generals eh....

-moe - steve [at]
-CnC-Sector Staff

Its sad, seeing many people leave Ammo and probley some from other communities as well as sites trying to make it through these tough times.

Should you have any questions or want to go to the site,


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