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Lion Interviewed.

Thursday 27th November, 2003 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by Mats0174, .

Apparantly PCNC intercepted some growls from the King of Animals, the Lion. They made an interview out of it, here's a bit:

What's your opinion on the new "Zero Hero" expansion? Is it more "Zero" or more "Hour" or could it be more "Bore"?

In a nutshell, Zero Hour is what Generals should have been, as many have already stated in the community. I enjoy the game when I get time to play it. Replay value is high, and gameplay is solid. Those two ingredients will keep any devoted C&C fan playing for many months to come. Too bad both Generals and Zero Hour lacked a decent storyline. Would have been a big plus if the dev team had worked a bit more on that aspect of the game. But they fumbled the ball.

The interview is rather short, but Lion is a smart person and has some great views on C&C Games and the community!


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