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BlitzKrieg II released.

Friday 28th November, 2003 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by Mats0174, .

From now on you can wage WW II war with Generals, Blitzkrieg II is out, here's the lowdown.

1 Year since Proclone and I decided to start the mod up.
9 Months since work actually started on the mod.
6 Months since we kicked it into gear, and really started work on it.

Blitzkrieg 2 is Released!
I listed some figures above, and as shown there, this mod has been around for a while. Hell, we started our first work during the Multiplayer Beta of Generals. I don't think any other mod can boast that. Now you might be asking, what took so long? Well, TCs like this take a while to make...that is if you want to do it right. Not only that, but we are doing this in our spare time which can be very limited.

During the production of the mod we have seen many talented people come and go. Some of them, like Proclone and Thrawn have moved on to get jobs in the gaming industry...while others have had personal issues come up. I would like to say just how proud I am to be able to work with these guys since this team is by far the best mod team I have had the pleasure of working with.

Version:v025 Public Release 1

You can download the whole thing over at BlitzKrieg II!


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