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Zero Hour Review.

Sunday 7th December, 2003 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by Mats0174, .

Speaking of reviews. I was writing a review on Zero Hour, I can remember all that was left to write was the conclusion, but due to pc problems and a re-installation of windows I lost all of it except for the screenshots I used. I do remember the marks though:

Gameplay: 85 (Multiplayer; 90. Singleplayer; 80)
Graphics: 90 (Nicer explosions and better performance than in Generals with the same used system)
Story: 70 (Definately an improvement since Generals but still inferior to other games; FMV's re-invented)
Presentation: 85 (VERY nice boxart, 3D print and pictures. Short manual)
Replay: 90 (You'll find yourself playing countless hours with the various Generals, challenges and multi-player)

Overall: 86 (Very worthy as an add-on, enough stuff to keep you coming for more, still semi-lacking a story)


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