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Smurf Bizkit Interviewed!

Wednesday 10th December, 2003 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by Mats0174, .

CNC NZ conducted an 11-question long interview with Smurf Bizkit, leader of the recently released Blitzkrieg II mod. Here's a snip:

2) Give the fans out there a brief description of Blitzkrieg II. What is in it, for the people who haven?t played it yet, what can they expect, is there a story behind it?

Blitzkrieg 2 is a WW2 total conversion for CNC:Generals. Meaning, we change everything into a world war 2 based game. The sides are the Allies, Axis and Soviets right now, with several subsides available for each. Along with those changes, we also have some significant gameplay differences from Generals. The first one is that, your main source of income is from capturing and holding civilian buildings?not from gathering supplies. The other main one is that we have moved nearly all of our units onto the generals exp point menu. This means that initially you can?t build much more than light vehicles and infantry, but as the game progress?s you can unlock the heavier units.

Have nothing to do? Like me at the moment, go and read it.

On a different note, I feel terribly ill today. In our class of 26 there were only 18 and when I left school somewhere halfway the day there were 17. Must be some virus. Anyway, I'm going to bed again and I do not plan to come out anytime soon.


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