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Renegade: A New Hope, Star Wars mod is coming along great!

Monday 29th December, 2003 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by Stryker, .

The highly anticapated Star Wars mod for Renegade is gone to new hights, just take a look at the screen shots from
Check site for more screenies.

It's really coming along leaded by HTMLGod, moddeling by Adavanze, and maps by Blazea and Zoogly along with some other random folks.

There will be such beasts as AT-AT's, AT-ST's, and some big ships like  Blockade Runner, or Correlian corvette, are already done, there might even be Star Destroyers !!! whoa.

This certainly will be the next big thing since Reborn, and for any Star Wars fans out there, this will be the mod for you once it comes out. So watch this mod-site carefully for any updates on the mod...


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