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Updates to Ammo

Wednesday 28th November, 2012 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.

During the past few days ive been upgrading and changing parts of the site, when I came across Ammo. I felt a bit sorry for it (as it rarel;y gets updated now), so I decided to give it an update both code and design wise). One feature a better home area for each C&C game now - which looks more like the new gaming site. Many of the modules have also been updated such as the video tab (to my more updated code which should be better):

News Pic: 4

I have also fixed many broken features such as skin, boink pages in the Renegade section. These have been broke since the removal of sub-domains many.. many months ago.

I am also re-working the unit pages for Renegade and Generals (as they were a bit of a mess).

I know the site isnt very active any-more however I wanted to keep it up-to date with the rest of the sites.


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