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Using alpha channels in PSP7

Writen by Snipe0187,

If you are reading this you should already know how to make regular skins without Alpha Channels. This will hopefully teach you how to save with alpha channels and to edit them as well.

  1. Start with a file that you know has alpha channels like "hd" this file contains a frame of some sort inside an image or "Alpha channels". When alpha channels are present in certain images they provide the shape or outline that images can have.
  2. To edit them you need to open the file then go to the top bar and select Masks then select load from Alpha channel

  3. Then select ok in the dialogue box
  4. When you have the channel loaded you can then begin to edit the alpha by going to masks again and selecting view mask and then edit in the masks

  5. When editing your file you need to understand that it is using grayscale to create the alpha channels the whiter the color the more you will be able to see a certain part of an image the darker the less you can see your image. Selecting plain white will draw and black will erase

  6. After you have your alpha channel drawn, you need to save it to a new alpha channel and delete the old one. To do this go back to masks and select save to alpha channel when the dialogue box comes up select the one called alpha channel 1 and click delete then click ok and it will prompt you to name your new alpha channel, You can name it whatever you want.

  7. After you complete this you should save the image, when it warns that you will lose all alpha information, click ok, then save the image with Interpolated Alpha channels.

  8. Now you have created an alpha channel and can now proceed to draw with color.Remember to save all of these images with interpolated alpha channels or your image will not be seen in renegade. Also you need to remember that you should only save with interpolated alpha channels if the image contains them to begin with.