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Chem Trooper Example

This tutorial is designed for people who have already made a skin, or who know how to extract, modify, and put a skin into Renegade. Unlike most skinning tutorials, we will cover the modifying aspect of skinning. I have made the big switch from PaintShop Pro to Photoshop, but hopefully you can adjust.

So, today we are going to modify the Nod Chem Trooper to have a red camo color, instead of the bright green. Fits in with the Nod theme better, don't you think? We start off with (image below is smaller than actual size).

So we want to get rid of the green color, but we want the texture to remain, and we dont want to touch the other aspects of the skin. Let's start out by selecting the green portion of the image with the Polygonal Lasso Tool.

Outline all the green sections (hold shift to add additional selections) until you have all of the green selected.

Now press Ctrl+C, and then Ctrl+V. Didn't see any change? Good. We have now created a new "layer" of just the green part of the skin. If we look at the new layer by itself, it looks like this:

Now go to Image --> Adjustments --> Hue & Saturation. Check the "Colorize" box. And set the bars like so:

Note: There may be hints of green showing from Layer 1. To get rid of this, select Layer 1, and with a small black paintbrush (Opacity at 50%) go over the green parts.

After getting rid of the green, and messing a little more with the color, I get this:

But I think it still needs a little bit more. There are certain straps and widgets attached to the suit that shouldn't be red. To get rid of the red, simply select Layer 2 (the new layer we created earlier), and use the erase tool on portions you want to remain the original color.

Wait, I said i would add a camo pattern too, right? Sure pally, anything for you. I use the good ol' VDL Camo plugin (see my Nod Officer tutorial). One thing I've learned is to make the pattern ridiculously large, then shrink it down. This way, you anti-alias (smooth it out) the pattern).
So make a new Photoshop image (1024x1024), and fill it in with the bucket tool. Go to Filters --> VDL Adrenaline--> Camouflage. Make a 3 color camo pattern, and set each color to a shade of grey.
Now go to Image-->Image Size, and bring the camo pattern down to 512x512.
Copy and paste it into the Chem Trooper skin. It will become a new layer. Set the layer to 50% Opacity. Find the drop down menu right next to the opactiy bar that says "normal." Change it to "overlay." You should now have something like this:

We are almost done! We have to get rid of the camo that got all over the non-red parts of the skin. To do this, hold control and click "Layer 2." Now let go of control, and click "Layer 3." Go to Select --> Inverse, and press delete. You should now have something like this:

The helmet is clear in-game so this skin DOES alpha information. Be sure to save it as DXT5.