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How to make your own skins

What you will need:

Here is a list of all the programs and utilities which you will need for editing a skin:
  1. Paint Shop Pro 7
  2. DDS Plugin
  3. Renegade Ex

Setting up Paint Shop Pro:

First thing you must do is to setup PSP (Paint Shop Pro) with the DDS plugin. To do this find out where your PSP 7 is installed (normally "C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7") in explorer. Once you have you will need to look for a directory called something like "Plugin" or "Plug-in", if the directory does not exist then simply create the directory called "Plugin". Then go inside the directory and place the unzipped file in the DDS Plugin into that directory.

Once we have done that, then we need to make sure PSP is setup for plugins and in the correct directory. So, run PSP 7 and await for it to load. Once it as then goto "File", "Preferences" and then "File locations...", as shown in the picture below:

Once the file locations windows as loaded then click on tab marked "Plug-in Filters". Then in one of the boxes marked "Folder 1", "Folder 2" or "Folder 3" tell PSP about your plug-in directory. This is the screen you should be at:

Now you can press "Ok" and your now ready to get your skin to edit. Might be a good idea to restart PSP 7 just in-case (only takes two secs).

Getting a skin from Renegade:

First make sure you have Renegade Ex. Once you have then unzip all the files to a directory (any one) making you have "Use folder names" ticked, and run the program called "RenegadeEX". You should be show the following screen:

Now, goto "File" and "Open Archive". In the open box find your "Renegade\Data" directory and then select "always.dat". It should say at the bottom "Opening archive always.dat" or something like that. Once it as finished loading then you should see a list of files. Now for this example ill show you how to edit the buggy skin. Press F3 and in the "filename" box type "v_nod_buggy" and click find. You show see something like the following picture:

In the list at the bottom of the find window there should be 3 files. Double click on the one marked "" and you should be taken to the file in the main list. It should say the file is 170Kb and a file number of 9746 (however the file number isnt important). Now right click on it and select "Extract file".

Extract the file into your Renegade\Data directory (keeping the same name!). Now run your PSP 7 and select the file via the "File" and "Open" menu. When you open the file in PSP 7 your be asked the following question:

Click "No", and now its time for you to play with the skin and change it how you want to.

Saving your skin:

To save your skin just go as you would "File" and Save", but make sure it says as file type "DDS (*.DDS)" and the name of the file stays the same name as the extracted one from always.dat. Make your your in your "Renegade\Data" diirectory and then click save and the following screen will be shown:

Make your you select "No Alpha (DXT1)" on the top right and then click the button "Save" a little below and you have saved your skin. Now you need to see the next section.

How to use your skin:

To use your skin (if you have kept it the same name and it is in your own "Renegade\Data" directory then simply run the game and buy the unit which you have changed the skin for and it should instantly use the new skin.