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C&C: 3


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2nd level of the single player campaign (Rescue And Retribution)

On the 2nd level of the single player campaign (Rescue And Retribution) do all the objective locke gives you until yo erach the area with the gun emplacements. Once your there take them out and annihilate that Nod officer bringing reinforcements. Then hop out of your medium tank and walk across the bridge. instead of going down tht road towards the church take a right and head for the waterfall. When you get there youll see a tiberium field and some chem troopers, about 2 or 3. Take them out and u will get a chem sprayer hehe great for those swarms of Nod troops. but also take out the visceroids that are guarding a nice big weapons cache, there are 4 or 5 i think but ur minigun should be able to handle them easily (mine did). once you get the weapons and ammo go through the little pass get a bit more ammo and go up through that top part and get a nice armor and health package then drop down on the Nods blast em to bits and continue the level with a nice big supply of ammo a! nd weapons.
- Sent in by Bryson