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The Universe of Command & Conquer

Writen by Firesnake

Long, long time ago, when mankind was young, there was a man called Cain. He committed a terrible crime - he killed his own brother, making him the first murderer of mankind. God punished him by banishing him from his realm. Cain had nothing left to do and so he escaped to the Land of Nod, east of Eden. But God forgave Cain and marked the man, so that others wouldn't kill him, because Cain deserved more, even though he had killed his own brother. Cain stayed in the land of Nod, forgotten, and he probably died there. The first murderer of mankind...

As the time went on, there were many wars, but the worst of them happened in the 20th century. The famous German scientist, Albert Einstein, looked what the world had become. Thousands of dead people... Thousands of people who had lost their homes, families, loved ones. So Einstein made a time machine, based on his theory, and went back in time to eliminate the man who had started the great devastating war - Adolf Hitler. As he met the man in the past, they both disappeared in a flash of light and Hitler had never existed. Einstein returned to his own time, expecting to see a happy, peaceful world, but something had gone terribly wrong. The whole time travel had separated the two times, making an alternate universe and Einstein's own time had gone terribly wrong also - as there wasn't Hitler, Jossif Stalin had his own ideas. So the Soviet Union started to conquer the whole world, using their terrible war technology, such as Nikola Teslas' Tesla technology. Conquering Europe was an easy task, but then the countries who had the power to fight back, joined, and started to battle with the Soviets. That was a devastating move for the Soviets. The Allies also had their secret weapons - Einstein's Chrono technology. As the war between the Allies and the Soviets went on, the Allies were about to win. The Soviets were forced back. The war was over... for then... The Allies kept an eye on the Soviet Union. Everything was okay for about 30 years but then Romanov, the Russian leader, made his move - he sent out all of his forces to close in on the USA and crush the Allies first. The Russians had also improved their war technology - the mysterious psychic project. There was a man, only known as Yuri, who had the ability to bend other's will to his own. He was the man who stopped the Allied from retaliating. So the Soviet Union was, once more, powerful. But that didn't stop the brave Allies from fighting back. Using their Chrono, Weather and Prism technology they forced the Soviets to go back. Another war had already begun. In the struggle both sides lost much. The Allies lost general Carville and the city of Chicago. Once again, the Allies moved on and finally defeated the Soviets. But one man was left unseen. As the Allies and the Soviets formed another treaty, Yuri had already fully trained his own psychic army consisting of mind controlling units. In secret, he planted his Psychic Dominators that were capable of bending all the people in the world to his own will. But his plot was discovered and the Allies sent in an airstrike to wipe out the Psychic Dominators. They managed to destroy only one power plant that powered the Psychic Dominator in San Francisco on the prison-island Alcatraz. That was enough to prevent the population of San Francisco from turning into mindless slaves. That was too unfortunate for Yuri who had engaged the other Psychic Dominators. Despite that one region was left untouched, the other Yuri's mind controlled regions were a threat for the Allies. Still, the free world managed to defeat the evil Yuri. Also the Soviets fought against Yuri because he had turned his back on them. Yuri managed to escape with a time machine but due to a slight malfunction in the system, Yuri had a little prehistoric accident. The madman was defeated and the world is once again a peaceful place to live.

But things in the alternate universe went for the worst. In the middle 90's in August a meteor shower came down on Earth, mainly near the river Tiber in Italy. The scientists discovered that the meteorites contained some kind of alien organic minerals. Just like somebody wanted them to land on Earth... The minerals were thought to be harmless but they mixed with Earth's minerals and some kind of new organic mineral was formed. It was completely unknown to the scientists. The mineral had it's name after the river Tiber - Tiberium. First Tiberium was also thought to be harmless. But when the mineral had fully combined with other mineral and mutated into Riparius stage, it was discovered to be highly lethal to all living things. Tiberium mutated into a green, glowing, organic mineral that had pointy crystals. Tiberium was discovered to spread very rapidly. It acted like a plant and so it spread all over the world in a few years. Only the regions, that had unsuitable climate for Tiberium, were left untouched. The people fled from the deadly Tiberium to those regions, mainly Antarctica. The whole world then had two options - to die or to adapt to the new terrible conditions caused by Tiberium. Tiberium was also discovered to mutate living things. First there were plants, then animals and finally... humans. Tiberium mutated plants and trees that had had contact with the mineral, mutated into Blossom Trees. Tiberium mutated their DNA and the mutated plants started to emit Tiberium Spores that could grow into Tiberium Ripariuses. These mutated plants emitted small Tiberium Crystals and chemicals that helped Tiberium to grow. All around the Tiberium Fields there was a radiation zone and much deadly Tiberium gas that were lethal to all living. If a living thing had been under the influence of Tiberium for a very long period, it mutated. So Tiberian Fiends, Visceroids, Tiberium Floaters and the Shiners were made. All these mutants' DNA had already been mutated by Tiberium, so that Tiberium was no threat to them anymore. They even seemed to heal in Tiberium. The Tiberian Fiends seemed to lack of additional intellect but they had become more aggressive due to the mutations. The Tiberium Floater was really just a mutated anaconda snake. The Visceroids were mutated dead humans. They were harmless when they were in the early stage. But when two Visceroids combined, they formed an Adult Visceroid. That one is very big, dangerous and aggressive. They emitted chemicals such as mutated acid to attack their enemies. The Shiners were mutated people. They were mutated due to Tiberium. They hated the other unmutated people who ignored them. They called them Blunts. Tiberium also seemed to mutate because of its unstable structure. It mutated into Blue Tiberium that spread slowly and didn't regenerate as fast as Green Tiberium also known as Riparius. Blue Tiberium was highly unstable and could easily blow up. There was also Tiberium Veins, Tiberium that harmed everything including synthetic and unorganic materials. It spread from a Tiberium Vein Crater. When Tiberium had started to appear, a man started to scheme. He thought that he was that very same Cain in another life. His past was a mystery. He could be Cain who had somehow "jumped" into the alternate universe due to the timetravel paradox. He could also be an alien clone who was sent on Earth to destroy it's population and make Earth a suitable living place for the aliens. That man called himself Kane. He gathered around a group of people and started to talk about prophecies and began telling them that he was the messiah who had come to save them from the end of the world, from Tiberium. That group believed him and so a small terrorist group began to call themselves the Nod. The religion of Nod had existed for thousands of years. It even seemed that Cain himself had made that religion and he had also promised his followers that one day, he would return. So the Nod influence grew and soon the Brotherhood of Nod was born. Kane, as a cunning strategist, a speech-man and a scientist, started to find out how to refine Tiberium and make it into profit. So he made the Harvesters that began harvesting Tiberium. The Brotherhood of Nod grew in power. Kane also developed Chem Warriors, infantry who used Tiberium-based Chem emitters to destroy other infantry or just to fertilise the Tiberium Field. Kane also developed chemical weapons and became more and more fond of meddling around with Tiberium. The Brotherhood of Nod grew more and more powerful and they began terrorising the people. So an organisation was formed in October 1995. They called themselves the Global Defense Initiative also known as GDI. They had been also known as Black Ops 9 and Special Operations Group Echo. Their leader was general Sheppard. GDI attended to protect the world from Tiberium and from the evil Brotherhood of Nod. GDI had excellent military strength to fight against the Brotherhood of Nod. GDI also had another good weapon - an artificial intelligence Electronic Video Agent also known as EVA. But GDI also needed funds and so they also began harvesting Tiberium. They were also protecting the world-leading scientist on Tiberium - Dr. Ignatio Mobius who helped them to develop similar Tiberium harvesting technology as the Nod. Nod's general Gideon Raveshaw also wanted to meddle around with Tiberium, so he kidnapped Dr. Ignatio Mobius and his daughter Sydney. Raveshaw wanted them to help him in his mysterious Re-Genesis project. Actually it was a project to try to combine a human being with Tiberium. So the Shiners were born. Nod thought that they were just mutated freaks and let them go. Nod's final goal was to create a super Tiberium Warrior. So Nod also created the Cyborgs, half human, half machine, half Tiberium. GDI didn't know anything about the strange project. But GDI's commando agent Captain Nick "Havoc" Parker found the whole thing out on a simple mission where he had to infiltrate the Nod base, take out the power with C-4, grab all the intel, he could get and call in the Orca bombers to level whatever was left of the base. But he found something else. He downloaded the intel from the Nod mainframe and found out that Mobius and his daughter were kidnapped. There was also something about a strange project called Re-Genesis. Havoc's mission was even more complicated and dangerous because Sakura had joined the ranks of Nod. Sakura was really Havoc's partner from his early training days. As they were both once part of GDI's best team, the Dead Six, Sakura and Havoc were almost equal. The mission seemed really dangerous, but finally GDI prevailed and surrounded Kane who was hiding in his Temple of Nod in Sarajevo. GDI used their devastating weapon, the Ion Cannon. The Ion Cannon leveled the last Nod base and Kane was, naturally, thought dead, because nothing could survive the Ion Cannon attack. But Kane was really undefeatable, because he was "marked". He went underground, only to come back later, more powerful than ever. His own powers surprised him and so he was sure that he was once Cain. But still, he hadn't been left completely unharmed after the attack. His left side of his face was burnt. He made himself a metal-mask to cover his face. So he waited somewhere for about 30 years, scheming... In the meantime Tiberium began to grow even more rapidly. Soon, the whole world was covered with it, except for the polar regions, because the climate was too harsh for Tiberium. The Brotherhood of Nod was without a good leader who could once more persuade them to battle GDI and finally conquer the whole world. There were two leaders though. General Vega, who was a drugs dealer. He was a complete fool who cared only for himself and not for the brotherhood. There was also General Hassan, who was just GDI's puppet. GDI used him to spy on the Nod and keep them settle. GDI didn't have to worry about the Nod no more and so they spent their time finding an antidote for Tiberium caused diseases. Hassan's forces also found Anton Slavik, Nod's commander. They framed him as a GDI spy and were to execute him. But, unfortunately, Anton's fellow fighters came and freed him. They escaped under the ground with their Montauk and started to seek Kane and fight against the two leaders. Kane had also developed something of his own to help his brotherhood in fighting GDI. He made an artificial intelligence called Cabal. At the same time, on GDI's space-station Philadelphia, GDI's leader, General James Solomon, discovered a secure channel on what Kane communicated with them. That was a shock for GDI, because everybody thought Kane to be dead. Then the battle began. The Nod struck first, as they were to destroy GDI's Phoenix base. But GDI's best commander, Michael McNeil, fought back. The Second Tiberium War had started. During the struggle, an alien spacecraft crashed somewhere in North America. Both sides wanted to be the first to find the craft and raid it to gain alien technology. Nod's attempts were to steal the technology and use it to destroy the world. GDI wanted to find something useful for the antidote from the ship. Unfortunately, the Nod raided the ship first and gained something even more important that they attempted to find in the first place. It was the Tacitus. Investigating the ship, GDI patrols met some Shiners. They called themselves the Forgotten. They were Tiberium mutated people. They hated the Nod and the GDI, but they were willing to work for the GDI Blunts. Their leader, Umagon, asked GDI to rescue the Forgotten's leader, Tratos. He was being held in a prison hospital in a Nod base. The GDI was willing to help him and when they had rescued him, they were greatly honoured by the Shiners. Tratos was in a bad condition and he had only to say something about a Tacitus. GDI could have waited for more information but then they discovered that another GDI base, Hammerfest, was under attack. GDI busted in and freed the base, but they were too late - McNeil's brother was missing and so were the Sonic Crystals. Kane had left a video message and he said that he attempted to add the Crystals to his war collection. GDI stopped the locomotive carrying the Crystals and regained what was rightfully theirs. But something even more diabolic was discovered - GDI discovered that Nod had established an array of missile silos, containing some kind of missiles which appeared to be carrying concentrated Tiberium particles. If Nod had fired them, the missiles would have lead to a chain reaction. As a result, the whole World would be covered with deadly concentrated Tiberium gas. GDI stopped them and after that, McNeil went to finish Kane. It appeared that Kane had mutated due to his many tests with Tiberium. McNeil killed Kane and GDI destroyed Nod's artificial intelligence Cabal. Luckily GDI also recovered the Tacitus and so, with Kane gone, they began to reveal the secrets of the Tacitus. The Brotherhood of Nod was in ruin, again. GDI tried and tried but it seemed that they did not know the code to open the Tacitus. Even GDI's artificial intelligence EVA couldn't help them. At that time the opening of the Tacitus was very important, because a new generation of Tiberium mutations had generated and GDI's antidote didn't work on them either. But there was another artificial intelligence who could help them - Cabal. Cabal was put online again by Anton Slavik. GDI captured Cabal and, surprisingly, he was willing to help GDI. So GDI went to look for the codes with Cabal helping them. When they had got all of the code, Cabal suddenly turned against GDI and by that time he had already established his own army of Cyborgs. A new war unleashed. Still, the Nod and Cabal were too weak, and GDI finally won again. By the end it seemed that Cabal had escaped. Kane and Cabal were both sought after, because the brotherhood had finally lost their faith in the "messiah". It was hard to believe that Kane was dead, because it seemed that he managed to flee away to safety again. Little did they know that Cabal really was Kane himself. At least a part of him. Now Kane has been forgotten by his formal followers and now he has already three enemies - GDI, the Forgotten and the Nod. But he also has an ally - the alien race of Scrin...