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New screens from Cold War

Sunday 11th January, 2004 · Comments 0 comments
Posted by Stryker, .

It turns out she is actually making this online game herself, using code which was made by Nighthawk for the Battleground: Command and Conquer game, she bought the code from him and is working on remastering the game into a Red Alert version of bgcnc. (although you may realise a number of the unit icons on cnc:cw are the same as ones on bgcnc even though they are based on different games. This is because bgcnc used RA1 icons instead of CNC1 icons for some things)

I have been sent a few screenshots of early test versions of the game by SgtSakura herself. You can view these by clicking the links below.
- http://www.cncassault.co.uk/

Be sure to see the pics that are at cncassault.


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