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Going 7 meters with 4:4:4 / 4k@60hz

Over the past week or so, I have been looking into a HDMI cable for 4:4:4 / 4k@60hz with a length of around 6+ meters. I know that over 5 meters is pushing it somewhat; but in my situation I required a longer cable. The first cable I tried was with a standard HDMI cable from ebay (which I found out later was 30AWG). This cable had problems with anything higher than 4:2:0 - every 5-10 seconds the picture would cut-out and it would have corruption (a series of green dots). I also had the 5 meter version of the same cable, which did work without a problem oddly (at 4:4:4, 4:2:2 or RGB). I did try and add a picture here but its hard to show you random flashing pixels on a screen.

So I had a look around the net, there seem to be two popular choices; IBRA High Speed PRO or a Kabeldirekt. At a push I could get my cable length down to 6 meters, but would mean things were a bit tight. So I had a good look through the reviews on Amazon for both cables. There were few people who said both cables struggled doing 4:4:4 at 4k@60fps even with a 5 meter cable. I was willing to try a 6m Kabeldirekt cable because I thought if 5 meters could work correctly, surely one extra meter should work correctly? So an little time ago an order was placed with Amazon. However 3+ days later, and it wasn't dispatched (since we aren't Amazon Prime customers). So it was cancelled, even if Amazon dispatch there would be at-least another 2+days for second class post. Waiting 7-10 days for one cable was getting ridiculous.

I did some more research; looking at cables costing any-where between £5-100's. However even the most expensive cables did not say if they could handle 4:4:4 / 4k@60hz. This is when I came across a (Cablesson) Ivuna Advanced High Speed 7m cable. On the listing it said that over 5 meters they use thicker cables (26AWG). With my poor knowledge of cables under such distances, I figured the thicker the internal cables, the better chance of getting the signal to the other end. I know that shielding is important too (to stop external interference). So being around £10-14 I figured it was worth ago. Ideally I wanted the 6 meter version of the cable (for a better chance of it working), but those were only Fulfilled by Amazon (which didn't seem to dispatch for 3+ days). So I ordered the 7 meter version (avoiding being fulfilled by Amazon).

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So a day or two later it turned up and plugged it in without much hope. Straight away it worked without a problem - 4:4:4 or RGB on a 7 meter HDMI cable. So it is possible to do without spending lots of money. If you are in a similar situation maybe you might want to look into this Ivuna cable! Maybe the Kabeldirekt or IBRA might of worked too, however I dont have either to test. If I do hear of any other 4:4:4/RGB cables I will update the blog, and you're always welcomed to post your comments.

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Roguey  •  1 week ago
Well I had no problems since, and im still running at 4:4:4 - 4k@60fps on my 7m HDMI cable. I do have a 5m displayport from Kabeldirekt to my other screen, and thats fine too. Maybe you should check into the Ivuna Advanced High Speed 7m cable. It may not work too well for you, but seeing as they arent that expensive it might be worth ago. I did used to get greens dots etc. on other cables.
jaminiah avatar
jaminiah  •  1 week ago
How's the cable been over the past 6 months? I've got a 7.5m Kabeldirekt cable and get the picture cut-outs with green dots etc when I enable 4:4:4 / 4k@60hz