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A quick flash

I hate being beat, after my recent failure with flash. So I thought ill give Vectorian Giotto another go. After a short while I managed to create a small flash item that displayed the time. This was an major step forward than my last attempt, however Vectorian Giotto was crashing a lot - not the mention each time I tried to type something, I would trigger the hot-keys rather than type what I wanted.

This wasnt right, so had to find something else - Vectorian Giotto was basically not stable enough, and I felt it wasnt up-to the job (shame although). So google around for other alternates and came across FlashDevelop.

At first you are thrown into an editor - which is a bit overwhelming at first as if your learning the language, its very hard to know where to start. However I kept going and within a few hours I had created my time thingy in FlashDevelop:

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It may not look much however this was in flash and used a timer to update the area, whilst moving it around and put an textbox there. I kept going thought a good next project would be new ship index flash. After a many hours, I manage to create it in flash (seen here).

What does this mean? well creating small pieces of flash. If everything goes well I might be able to make my own arcade games, however I feel that could be awhile away. However its all progress, which makes a nice change Smile

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PuppyOfWar  •  5 years ago
Gotta start somewhere, and the alpha you sent me is impressive for this far in. Given that, I think its only a matter of time.

The flash ships banner I notice has clean edges around the ships. The variation in speed makes it more interesting. Do the different speeds of the ships correspond to the actual speed of that ship in the game?