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X3TC » Roguey in Q. Trouble

In the past few days ive restarted X3TC in vanilla, without any extra scripts. I started with the Bankrupt assassin and managed to get myself up-to a Split Dragon (M6). However when I do assassin missions, I now get 1 or 2 Xenon Q's! These Q's arent nice, they head directly for me!

My poor old Dragon cant take on one of them (maximum does like 10% shield damage) - basically they are too strong for my ship. The only way I get away from them is to either hide behind a station (in the vain hope they smash into it something) or keep jumping (hope a big ship comes).

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I have enough money for a M6+ (Heavy) although I think ive decided on the Boron M6 Heavy - speed/turrets/turn speed. The Heavy Dragon looked interesting but the turrets seem to lack?

Oh, if you like to see my progress you can see it on my egosoft profile, here - as I will be updating it.

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XREBIRTH » Come on ego, give us some news!

Is it me, or is there seem to be a big lack in news from egosoft about Rebirth? a few months ago we got some information and a short trailer. Maxxler gave us some more info by recording video footage of day 2 of Fedcon (which showed some alpha footage).

A month later we got some more information in the form of the X Universe news letter, however another month still nothing.

You would of thought by now there should of been some more news, pictures? Hopefully there be some more info on rebirth soon! Hopefully ego are planning to release bits of information rather than a hole load of stuff?

Posted by Roguey on Thursday 30th June, 2011   ·   Comment 1 comments   ·  

Finally the adsense pin

Ive been waiting a long time for google adsense pin to turn up - the first one was ordered on 13th of April 2011. 5 weeks later and nothing turned up, so I went back into adsense and ask for another pin to be sent (around the 27th of May).

Finally... on the 14th June, an pin as turned up! I dont know if this is the first one, or the second however - I am glad one of them has turned up!

So thinking about it, if its the first one: its took 8 weeks, however if its the second one its took 2 weeks. btw, I live in England!

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HDD problems with P8Z68-Pro and Marvell controller

Yesterday I was having a few problems with Windows - every so often it would freeze for like 30 seconds, after-which everything would come back and resume. It seem to get worse the more data I transfer on my main HDD (the WD black drive). It looked like there could be a problem with either the HDD, power settings or a DVD-Rom drive (I started noticing ATAPI errors in my system log).

Things got pretty bad at one stage - Windows freezing quite often. The best way to describle it is by showing you the result from HD Tach (a HDD benchmarking tool):

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Normally the chart should start high, and taper off by curving. However to see this graph going all over the place wasnt right! It looked like the HDD was messing around - my other drive was behaving fine - like it should.

So I first started to unplugged the DVD drive (encase there was some weird error between it and the HDD - there was ATAPI errors in the windows logs)... still the same! So I thought what about using a different HDD controller on the motherboard (ie. the Intel ones and not the Marvell one). Amazing, everything changed - the system was faster, more responsive and best of all... wasnt freezing. YAY! Now HD Tach looks like this:

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Much better eh! I dont know if its something to do with my WD black drive being 6Gbps or not - as my green drive has no problems with the Marvell controller. I am glad the drive was okay.. phew!

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Google auto-correction...

I am really worrying about google sometimes... why I hear you say. Well I was checking the spelling and term (to make sure I had the correct word) of the word prepare when google suggested the following:

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LOL not what I had in-mind! gesshhh google!

Posted by Roguey on Saturday 28th May, 2011   ·   Comment 0 comments   ·  

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