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Beep.. Beep.. Beep

That noise drives me up the wall... from either waking you up, or walking down the street all you hear sometimes is *beep *beep. I dont know who's idea it was, but putting beepers onto workmen vehicles was a bad idea. Maybe its just me, but dont you ever get fed up hearing that noise? Rarely a day go pass without hearing the dreaded *beep *beep... Bash the wall

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Making money in X-Tension

Ive been playing X-Tension for a few hours now and found out the fastest way of making money in X-Tension is by capturing Pirate Orinoco's (M3). Each one is worth around half a million! You wont find such easy money is that.

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I recommend 2 lasers, a powerful one (such as a A-HEPT) and the other to keep the shields down (A-PAC) for bailing. At first use both lasers to bring the shields down to like 10%, then remove the A-HEPT (by either pressing 1 or 2). Carry on holding the shields down with you A-PAC. Hopefully after few seconds they will bail.

Sometimes they will never bail, so dont spend 2 hours trying to capture one Orinoco. I hope that helps!

You may even find the bailed ship contains a shield, weapon or something else too. Making Orinoco's even more worthwhile!

Posted by Roguey on Friday 29th April, 2011   ·   Comment 0 comments   ·  

Starting X-Tension

Yesterday I started X-Tension after finishing the plot in X-BTF.

X-Tension was a big leap from X-BTF, with maps, changeable ships, ship stats, missions and capturing. I havnt got far yet but I found something interesting, which I thought may help to anyone playing it.

Once you have enough money, get 5 x Silkworm missiles. You can buy these from Equipment dock (in Argon Prime). A good idea is to save now. Next find a Argon Elite without a homebase and follow it. Once you can close enough, launch all 5 missiles (with roughly a 100-200ms delay). After all 5 hit, the Argon Elite shields should be very low and you have a chance of him bailing. If he didnt, then re-load and try again. After a few attempts he may bail and you get an Argon Elite for 5 silkworm missiles. Be careful not to destroy any ships because you will lose a lot of your reputation. You can repeat this a few times and get half million credits for each elite.

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When you start X-Tenision you wont have enough money to buy 5 silkworm missiles, so try and capture something like a Goner ship. Goner ships are unarmed and not too fast. Capturing one Goner ship shouldnt hurt your ratings too much, but will give you enough for the missiles.

An Argon Elite is quite an upgrade from the Buster. If youre really lucky you may get an Elite with either a gun(s) or shield(s). Your first Elite will be the hardest, but with a few goes shouldnt be too hard to get. This saves trading for hours!

The next step is equipping your new elite!

Posted by Roguey on Wednesday 27th April, 2011   ·   Comment 0 comments   ·  

Cant find the special asteroid in Chinns clouds?

At first I wondered where the heck Chinns clouds was. Looking around on the net, its south of Family Pride. I thought it was Rhonkars Clouds, I guess it got renamed in a later X.

Anyway... When you have to look for the special asteroid, it is here (for anyone having problems).

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After you find the asteroid, use a Hornet missile to break the asteroid open. When the asteroid is broken, you should see a data recorder which you need to pick-up.

Posted by Roguey on Sunday 24th April, 2011   ·   Comment 0 comments   ·  

X Beyond the Frontier starting tips

Over the past few days ive been re-playing X Beyond the Frontier (ie. the first X game). You are really thrown in without no help, so I thought ill post some of my tips to help you get started - encase anyone else tries X-BTF.

You start off in Seizewell with one 1MW shield and a few credits. The first thing I recommend doing is to travel to the equipment dock and sell the shield. Contrary to the Teladi Capitan, you ship will be fine without a shield, just dont use the booster (this can make your ship explode without a shield). You can use the booster to reach the equipment dock.

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Once at the equipment dock you will need to dock manually (you will need to do all your docking manually). I really miss auto-pilot at this point, however docking isnt too bad. You need to find the door which is high-lighted by two lines of in-activity light-bulbs. Once found press c and ask the station to land. The lights should turn green and doors of the station should open. On your speed bar, you should see a green bar. This is the maximum speed for docking, so make sure your speed is less than the green bar otherwise you will mash into the station door (your speed bar is on the left).

Once docked, sell the shield and buy a Singularity Engine Time Accelerator (SETA) upgrade (144 credits). This will allow you to press J in space to compress time by 10, ie. time goes 10 times faster. This is better than holding tab for your boosters. You should have around 2700'ish credits, which is much better for trading.

When trading you can check station wares without having to land. When close enough select the station and press I. If you see the amount of stock is high, then the price of the ware will be low. I recommend selling energy cells to start with. So find a solar power station with lots of energy cells and land. At this point you can save by buying savage insurance.

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A good price for energy cells is between 5 to 10 credits. You should be able to sell them for 15 to 20 credits. Exit the station and fly around check the stations for low stock (ie. a very low blue bar). Once you found a station with hardly any energy cells, dock, sell and save.

You will need to keep doing this to build up your money, however you dont need to stay trading energy cells (I just used them for an example).

You make lots of credits in X-BTF with stations. So when you get around 10,000 credits, I recommend building a solar power plant. If you build it near the start area I recommend travelling south and asking the captain to deploy station when near the crystal fab (this will make stocking your solar power station much easier and faster). I travel all the over to Argon Prime and deployed by first solar power plant there (you can get crystals from the local trading dock).

Anyway, I hope that helps you on your way.

Posted by Roguey on Sunday 24th April, 2011   ·   Comment 8 comments   ·  

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