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Double Rainbow

It doesnt happen often... seeing a double Rainbow. However today I managed to get a picture of one just outside my window;

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The one on the left was very strong, whilst the one on the right was hard to see; disappearing now and again. I did think about having a look over there, but isnt that an old-wife's tale?... there is gold at the end of a Rainbow?

Posted by Roguey on Tuesday 18th November, 2014   ·   Comment 0 comments   ·  

Elite Dangerous » A bit further in

As you may of seen, ive spending a bit of time playing Elite: Dangerous Beta 1.03. At-first it was a bit confusing (like most games), although Beta's games are often even more confusing as there can be a lack of documentation, things missing etc. I think now I have gotten the grips of things.

When you start in your Sidewinder you wonder what to do; so I started to explore, fight and test things - it doesnt matter if you destroy it, as you get another free one. Although being in the weakest ship does mean you have hard start (top-heavy).


For awhile, I wrestled with the controls - changing between keyboard, mouse and gamepad until I found something which works for me. I thought my controls were bad when I struggled to hit anything with my C2 pulse lasers. I later learned that fixed weapons are by default hard to use, but offer more damage than automatic-aim guns. So now ive settled for the gamepad with the keyboard for short-cuts.

At the moment the primary goal is to make money, or credits. These credits can be used to buy better weaponry, trade with more expensive wares or to upgrade ships. Whilst the current line-up of ship isnt that big at the moment, each ship feels like it has a purpose.


I recently upgrade to a Hauler, thinking it wasnt going to be a big upgrade, but I was wrong. The extra cargo-bay makes a huge difference to my trading. The 4 units in the Sidewinder seems very small now.

One thing I like with fighting is that if you start to attack friendly ships, you end up with a bounty. The higher the bounty, the higher chance of getting shot down, either from NPC's or other players. So it doesnt really pay to attack other players, unless they been hostile to others.

For the past few days ive more or less stayed away from combat. The reason is that I feel my C2- weapons arent all that good. I find that I miss most of the time with non-gimbal weapons, and C1 gimbal pulse laser is a bit weak. I feel I will return to fighting once ive upgraded my ship a few times, probably when I get a Cobra MKIII.

The online mode is good, but I do feel at the moment its not used to its full protential. Sure its good to see other people around and that but I feel the communications panel needs a major overhaul (hard to see text and unable to talk to someone when they go out of your area). I would also like to see group events (like GW2 style where people can just wonder into them) and guilds. Maybe these feature are already planned?

I must admit its nice seeing a bulletin board again, when it was removed from the x-series I felt it removed some of the immersion from the game. Sure, its quicker to get your mission from 7km's away but why bother to land?

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This brings me onto my next point; landing. At the moment 90-99% of the landing is manual. Whilst it may not sound too bad, landing at the start of the game is a relatively complex task until you get used to it. I did buy a docking computer later on, but after it drove straight into another player's Anaconda, I removed it and continued to do it manually (I had 9% hull left after the ram).

Which brings me onto my worse point so far; grinding. It would be unfair to think any open-ended space space-sim wouldnt have any grinding. However at times it does feel at times you are simply flying backwards and forth just to transport wares. I know there are other things to do than trading, but I dont feel they offer as much credits. Without the credits you will be stuck inside the Sidewinder for a very long time - working up 100,000cr will take you a very long time otherwise.

Posted by Roguey on Thursday 28th August, 2014   ·   Comment 3 comments   ·  

GUILD WARS 2 » Re-playing and hate of RnG

Hi there, for the past couple of weeks/months ive been re-playing Guild wars 2. My main focus was to build an legendary weapon; The Bifrost however after much grinding (something ANet said wouldnt happen in Gw2 at launch) completing 3 out of 4 parts ive decided to stop (or at a greatly reduced time).

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My main reason for this is that The Legend can only been found by random number generator (RNG for short), either through the Mystic Forge or randomly from a monster drop. Sure you can pay someone else for it, but at the current prices it will take around 45 days of grinding gold, to give to someone else. I must of tried maybe 20-30 times with exotics and 300-400 times with rares (with no luck).

RNG is big part of GW2, making you either poor or rich. Some people can spend months playing and yet get very little of worth, yet others can drop in randomly and get the most expensive loot in the game. There is attribute called luck that increases your magical find but this only works on monsters killed, nothing else. I have no idea why luck doesnt work on chests.

Generally good loot is very hard to come by, and even if you find an odd exotic its only worth a couple of gold at-most. Today I did some digging into prices.. what I came up with is that prices have slowly increased;

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Around the 15th April (the Wardrobe patch) that items increased by x2-3 times. I have also noticed that supply of items is dropping, but yet demand is steadily increasing. I can only guess this is due to people leaving the game?

It was said that Arena-Net were going to look into Precursor building; by adding a hunt of some kind... however so far that hasnt happened (this was posted over a year ago). How long do you wait? Yet, instead we get living story season 2; which for me has been a bit of disappointment. So far just one map, a few monsters, 1-2h stories, a few skins and more RNG.

Posted by Roguey on Friday 1st August, 2014   ·   Comment 2 comments   ·  

X3AP » Creating an random universe

For a bit of fun ill thought ill write some code in VB6, to see if I can make a random universe for X3AP. I quickly learnt its not as simple as because you need to add things like gates and link them all together. A little time later, and my code is generating random universes. Whether this is the start of something, I dont know but I have a few ideas...

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Posted by Roguey on Tuesday 21st January, 2014   ·   Comment 0 comments   ·  

DIABLO 3 » v2.0 - A turn for the worse?

Today I have been reading up on the changes in the next patch, v2.0 which is going to change the game majorly. This is free patch will change the gameplay, skills, items and more. You may wonder why go to all the effort of changing the game now? Well, it's in preparation of the new add-on; Reaper of souls (due later) – if you havnt heard about it (but im sure you have).

So you might be wondering what has changed exactly? Well on the official site, you can find the patch changes here. In summary, most characters have had changes the most noticeable ones being that both the wizard critical mass build and the infinite fury whirlwind builds are no longer possible (due to changes). For some this will come as welcome news, whilst others will hate the new decisions. Myself I am not keen seeing things removed - I know the CM builds were very powerful / popular. Ive been using a CM build a lot myself recently. So I thought it was a go on the public testing realm (PTR) and try out it.

The first thing which hit me was all the changes to the user-interface. Some things have been moved around, whilst others like the difficultly settings have changed completely. There is no longer a normal, nightmare, hell and inferno modes but Normal, Hard, Expert, Master and Torment (1 to 6); and Monster-power is gone. For many, this is bound to be confusing at first. These difficultly-levels will vary the strength of the monsters, whilst scaling to your level. Potentially this makes the game much shorter, saving players from going around the game 4 times.

One good addition to the game is guilds. You can now join a guild and talk to other members, something which was missing in the original release. Joining a guild should make it easier to find other people to play with, as your only option before was your friend's list.

So let's look at the loot-system now (one of the most important things in the game). In previous versions, you had a warm-up (as such) where you killed 5 elite monsters to gain the maximum nephalem valor bonus. This meant you gained a large boost to your magical find (75%) and usually meant better rewards. This meant players felt had to stick-around (to me this was a good idea), however in v2.0 the whole nephalem valor perk has been removed. This can make the game feel a bit more drop-in/drop-out as players won't feel committed in staying in 'slow' games. The new loot system also states that items will be tailored to your character, rather than being random. Again.. This has two sides to it; one its good that items will be for your character but equally could mean its difficult to find stuff for other classes. With the removal of the auction site, it's going to make trading of them 'good but not for me' items near impossible. The system promises to drop less junk. Once again this as two sides to it; its nice to know there is stuff dropping but equally better quality items would be nice (99% of the stuff was just rubbish).

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So, the next thing after the loot-system is magical-find. In the Diablo series magical find is very important, improving your chances of getting something good. Paragon levels were added later, allowing players something to work towards after level 60; a way of increasing damage and allowing players to remove magical find equipment. Each paragon level added a small amount of magical-find, and meant in the long-term you could remove all your magical find-equipment. Now in v2.0 Paragon levels have changed completely. Firstly Paragon levels are account bound rather than per character. However they no longer add magical find, but Paragon points. These points can be spent like skill-points, into certain things like improving your health, armour or movement speed etc. This is a great way of being able to change your character finally… however this could mean the game forces you to grind endless paragon levels (since they are unlimited now). You will also see a massive drop in magical-find (forcing you to re-use your magical-find equipment) because the Paragon levels don't really help with magical find any-more (apart from one paragon skill type).

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So next, how does combat fair? Well, first glance with my Demon Hunter is that the life-steal property has been reduced greatly. In pre-v2.0 I could usually leech enough life from Shadow-power without any extra runes. Now in v2.0 (with the Blood-rune selected) I struggle to get enough health to come in. However this is a fairly common thing, forcing players to focus more on defence than attack. So you will probably see a lot more deaths in Diablo. It's a nice touch you can resurrect at corpse now, but once again this can make team-play less important (why wait for someone to resurrect you, when you can yourself).

To me, these changes feel the game now been optimized for drop-in/drop-out game-play, rather than long term players. Its nice there is a new gem class (Diamond), but I would of preferred the return of rune-words. Maybe I could change my mind over a longer period of time, but there doesn't feel much pull any-more (especially knowing all your level 63 items will be classed as junk when reaper of souls hits). It feels to me that the grind-feast has been extended rather than improve the over-al structure of the game. Maybe things will change between public release?

Posted by Roguey on Saturday 18th January, 2014   ·   Comment 0 comments   ·  

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