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Monday 17th August, 2015 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Today ive been doing quite a bit of work to the Elite: Dangerous help section, many of the guides were either out-of-date, or was missing a bit of content. A couple of the guides I pretty much re-wrote, and there are a few new ones. If you have any suggestion for guides, please let me know (although I dont know everything about Elite). I probably need to re-read them, to check for errors.

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I have also done so changes to the Trade-Helper Mk3, as it now looks for best deals using the wares with the highest value, instead of trying to work out the best deal for each type of ware. Another improvement is that the Mk3 can search for a second, or third location to sell a good at. In the past if you didnt want to deal outposts, then the offer would be simply removed (if the best place was to sell at an outpost). Now its able to find another place.


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