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Saturday 29th August, 2015 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Awhile back (if you remember) I created a connection between the site and EDDN - massively increasing the amount of updates from a couple a day, to 500+. However to do that I had to leave my own PC on; my pc was acting as a listener to EDDN. I had to do this because you need to install certain software which isnt possible to do with most web-hosting services.

However, shortly afterwards posting about partial EDDN updates, Chris contacted me - offering an server to help out. Getting the the server up and running took quite a bit of work - even deleted the operating system by mistake (doh). However Chris helped me through and now its up and running. The server is now providing us with full EDDN updates (24 hours / 7 days). I do plan on doing more with the server, but at the moment I am trying to reach the combat rank of Elite - so hopefully you can bare with me until I reach that point Smile Oh, and ive also done some updates to the universe section (to allow for a home position / quick searching), and real-time EDDN statistics (shown here). I have been wondering if this home setting should be rolled onto the trade-helpers too (let me know if you think it will be useful). At the moment the EDDN network contains information on wares and ships, but hopefully equipment will be added soon (the site already supports equipment searching, but has to be added manually).

I wish to give Chris at balboatech.com a big thanks for offering the use of a server;

News picture 127

ps. Later on I should be able to move my large downloads to them, meaning things such as my X3 and X3AP mods should be hosted correctly, instead of being hosted on OneDrive.


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