Equipment import from EDDN

Thursday 22nd October, 2015 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Awhile back I added partial support for EDDN to the site - this meant I had to leave my own pc on. With some help from we managed to turned that into full updates, so we had 24hour coverage from EDDN, updating wares and ship sale locations.

Today ive found out that outfitting has been added to EDDN. So with some modification to my code, we now import equipment as well. The site had been designed to support equipment sale locations but could only be done manually. Now with EDDN support this will greatly improve the amount of data; finally answering - where can I buy a certain laser, shield, upgrade, ship or ware.

I have also updated the statistic page to be multi-lined and fixed an issue with the Imperial Eagle - meaning it wasnt being added to the ship location database. Maybe one-day we might get added to the offical fan-pages too Smile

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